Six Months of Life (Short Action Film)

Six Months of Life is the first big TCM Films project. It is ruff around the edges, but I think it turned out pretty well. That is a lie, I don't thinks it's good. But everyone seems to think it's really good so don't take my word for it. Nevertheless I had a great time working on it, and I am glad to finally release it after post production, which lasted waaay longer then it should have. And I learned a lot from it, and that's what's important or something. Also if you enjoyed this, please subscribe to the TCM Films YouTube channel. Enjoy!


Also the thumbnail is really ridiculous and I didn't know how to change it.


  • All things considered it's pretty good. Remember artists tend to be more critical of their own work than other people's work

    I particularly like the bit where the hero is thrown back by the explosion, you pulled that off very well IMO.

  • Thank you. Also the part at the end and the scene inside the car where particularly difficult because at the time I didn't have mocha so I used just a 2D tracker.

  • It is pretty good. being illusions and effect nicely. Quiet a critical work of the artist being serious and strong at the same time.

  • Thank you

  • Very nice! Yes, it's rough, but the fact that you can see that means you're developing an eye for quality, and probably have some ideas on how to improve next time.  Keep it up!

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