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I'm away from home for a few days, and brought along my old, hardly-used-anymore MacBook Pro.  It still has HitFilm 2 Express on it, strangely enough.  I want to install Express 2017 to get my HitFilm fix (HitFix?) while I'm away, but I don't know if this thing can handle it.

I know next to zip about CPU differences.  My MacBook Pro has a 2.26 GHz Intel Core 2 Duo, while the minimum specs on the web site indicate an i3 as the lowest(?) option.  I tried searching for info on the differences between the i3 and the Core 2 Duo, but it's not making the picture any more clear.  Can someone please enlighten me?


  • ...and as I should've known, I just went ahead and tried it anyway.

    It installed, and it opened, but then I was reminded that Express can only be activated on a single machine.  :(  Oh well.  I'm here for a conference, not to mess with HitFilm, but a boy can dream of doing both, can't he? ;)

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    Buy the most powerful CPU you can afford.

    Go for the Intel Core i7 if you can.  I have an Intel i5-6400 (Skylake) 2.70GHz and it's not powerful enough to do a lot of things and some projects get laggy etc.

    And remember, along with that, very important to get the most powerful GPU (video card) you can afford as well.  I have an NVIDIA GTX 960, and it's not powerful enough anymore.

    And buy as much RAM as you can afford.

    BTW, forget your MacBook Pro, give it away to someone in need :)

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    @jsbarrett There are a lot of architectural differences between the Core 2 Duo and the first Core i3. Most of the differences are "under the hood" optimizations and implementations of newer technologies like PCI Express but what's probably the most important when it comes to HitFilm is the addition of several new instructions that speed up certain tasks. HitFilm is probably compiled to take advantage of the newer instructions so it won't run on a CPU that doesn't support those instructions.  

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    Note you can manage activations from your account page on this site. Or, running deactivated just locks export. 

    HF2 has lower requirements than later versions. While under spec the MacBook might squeeze out basic edits. 

  • Ah...forgot (or maybe didn't know) that running it without activation locks the export.  I'm not looking to export anything from this system, and don't have specific projects to edit (and I've already deleted HF2 Express). I just want to keep playing with all the random ideas running through my head.  :)

  • @jsbarrett ;Don't get me wrong, I can still use Hitfilm rather successfully, but I feel my PC specs are in need of an upgrade soon to get peak performance.

    But I would always recommend getting an i7 and as powerful GPU you can afford and as much RAM as you can get you can get, as much as the limit used of course.

  • @Yeremyah - I'm not looking to buy anything at this time. I just wanted to know if this MacBook Pro would even run HitFilm, or if I'd encounter so many problems that it wasn't worth the effort.  I already understand the importance of getting a powerful system, but I can't afford squat right now, so there's no use steering the conversation in that direction.

  • Sorry for my misunderstanding.

    All the best with the Mac ;)

  • In your case the best thing would be to try it. I'm pretty sure it is under minimum specs but it may work depending on what you do. Remember to save your project at regular intervals just in case ;)

    Regarding activation, you can activate your copy of Express on the Mac and deactivate your other computer. You will have to do it again when you come back to reactivate your desktop but it is certainly doable. You can see what computer is activated on your account page as well as remotely deactivate any computer.

  • Now that Express can edit and output UHD what CPU and workflow is suggested for H.264 UHD editing? Thanks


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