Import 3d camera tracking data from Adobe AE to Hitfilm Express 2017

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Hey guys,

Since a long time I would like to 3d track my camera in Hitfilm Express. I know that's possible in Hitfilm pro with Mocha Hitfilm (or in express by purchasing this add-on), but I don't have them and I cannot have them :(. What I have is Adobe After Effects CC 2014, and I really prefere the Hitfilm Express 2017 working environnment than AE. I noticed that it's exist near the "import" button in hitfilm a way to "import 3d camera tracking data". I watched some tutorials on YouTube who explains how to export this 3d camera tracking data from Adobe After Effects with scripts and import them for example in Blender or some software like this, but I didn't find any way to export 3d camera tracking data from AE and import it to Hitfilm pro or express (and get composite shot with a point in 3D and a camera). That's why I post this topic. I would like to see if anyone in the hitfilm community found a way to do this. Could you help me please ?

Many thanks for reading this text and have a nice day. :)


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