I want to join in online contests to practice my skills. Where can I begin?

Is there a website resources that can help find contests for anyone to join? I'm looking for amature contest. Also, I've found this website, but honestly I think it may be fake, or a scam. 



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    Other than what you linked I can't think of an aggregate website for contests. Since contests come and go there's a certain amount of "catch while you can."

    I'm having a space themed contest currently with a copy of Hitfilm Pro and some add-ons for Express as prizes. Info (at the end) of the below video. 


    Film Riot has a Monday Challenge going. 


  • This is the website I had the best impression with. Can someone confirm if it is legit? 



    Also Triem I'm working on a submissions for your contest. Btw, for the contest, can I use resources and softwares outside of Hitfilm? And does it have to look "realistic", or can anything be allowed as long as it is space.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Resources outside of Hitfilm allowed (as long as they are license free I guess, but screencaps of video game elements are allowed), and it doesn't have to look "realistic."

    Sorry, not familiar with that site either. But, I think looking up contests they link to directly is a good way to check! 

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    I enter this contest every month, its fun and I enjoy it! The rules our on the bottom link and there are only eight days left! Make sure you read the rules, they are very important and if you have any questions let me know and I should be able to answer, and you can also check out the entry's for this month already. Here is the video where they talk about there website updates, last months winner! and the new contest with its theme and the prize!


    this page is where all the entry's are, where to upload your entry and the full set off rules.


    and again let me know if you have any questions :) I have been doing this contest since feb. its a monthly contest!

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