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    Nicely put together and your costumes add some real production value.

    Only thing I'll nitpick is the text in the trailer. Arial is... Well it doesn't evoke a horror mood, OR the 19th century time period. The font in the thumbnail would have been a better choice.

  • Very nice!  I normally don't like horror flicks, but this actually intrigues me.

    Ditto on the ineffectiveness of the Arial font.  It's also a bit small in the frame.  Text needs to be composed just as carefully as footage you're shooting with a camera.

    My only other nitpicks are audio-based.  A couple of the clips have audio sync issues.  I only noticed it with one toward the beginning ("Come girls...") and one toward the end ("Stop that, Captain...").  Also, the music overpowers the dialog in a couple places.  I can still make out the lines, but to make it more clear the soundtrack should be ducked, or the dialog boosted.

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    thanks for your input guys appreciated, {: the movie is actually HD

    QUICKTIME at 185 GB  90 mins as I was going to go for DCP conversion

    this trailer is in mpeg2 from AVCHD  uploading the trailer in Quicktime might take 24 hours though lol

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    I liked the trailer but have to agree with @Triem23 about the font. They went nuts with typefaces in the 19th century often using multiple fonts at once. Mixing fonts would be a nice touch I think or go with a Baskerville or Caslon if you wanted an older feel but still keeping things clean. Here's some 19th century examples just for reference. 




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    HI yes I agree but couldn't find any that were in the public domain

    they all wanted money etc, and my budget was very small , had to avoid copyright as my movie is going to the local cinema , not easy finding fonts

    completely copyright free ?? might be ok on youtube but not in cinema

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    Here's free Victorian fonts.

    Click the Filter button at the top of the list. Check the "Only show commercial-use fonts" box and click the Apply button. You should be left with a list of 48 Victorian fonts completely free for commercial use. 

    1001 fonts has a category for fonts that are free for commercial use. (Over 4400)

    If you select another category, like Vintage, the fonts will be mixed use but there are icons that indicate usage restrictions. Green means free for commercial use.  Pink/Red means personal use only.

  • thanks Aladinn4d ,but I will leave it as it is now, its taken me 18 months

    writing it, filming it. editing,and so on,then re,editing in a higher format.

     I have a band im starting.  but thanks for helping ,appreciated

    also I doubt  it will draw that much interest, even though its a fantastic story ,

     but hey ho , that's what you get when you stick your neck out ,and decide to make a movie {:

  • Another great font resource (for future reference):


  • HitFilmer57341 I am not one for horror flicks either but that said the trailer definitely piqued my interest and I would watch the movie.

    Definite thumbs up on the trailer.

  • hope you guys don't mind ive shared your comments on my facebook page

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