Summer Skits

My son has posted a new video on his channel...
as he is looking to do more skits.

1) Yes this is a bit of promotion but it was edited using a combination of Hitfilm 4 Pro (for the composites) and PowerDirector (to stitch it all together) so I don't feel too guilty. There was no reason not to use Hitfilm for all this... he's  just  more familiar with PowerDirector.

2) It contains a 'fast sunburn' effect using masks and hue change. Originally this was REALLY hard to mask using freehand. In the end we went with elliptical masks with a feather omitting the hands (which are a NIGHTMARE). The next sunburn had me sitting as still as possible using freehand masks but we probably should have used some stabilisation as there is still a lot of movement. The end result is deliberately over the top  but seems to have come out OK. If anybody fancies giving it a try I'd be interested in the results.

3) How hard is it to do sketches like this?  Blimey!!! Admittedly we were on holiday at the time but we brainstormed about 12 ideas,  6  getting filmed and just  4 used in a 2 min video. We're not even sure they're funny any more.  He has another idea with single skit for 2 mins which seems so much simpler.

Please have a look and comment especially if you have any advice on the effects, skits or filming in general.




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    The sunburn shots? You've learned one of the lessons why chroma key was invented. Roto always takes forever, even on a short  shot! 

    Yes, the skits are still funny. :-D

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    yep...  but nobody EVER warns you HOW much you need to adjust when doing  roto (?) 

    Hitfilmsensei recommended green screening.........    
    but we were 'on location' dammit!!!!!!

    There is a green-screen (..and I truly hope that's what you mean by Chroma or I'll look a complete muppet)  video in the near future.

    p.s.. thank you for the ' still funny' comment.... it fades after the 100th  viewing



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    Yeah, green screen would work. I say "chroma," because blue is an option. :-) 

    On location happens! The FX work, and over the top is funnier! 


  • lol, well done @tonyg

  • thanks @Yeremyah ; but, although I like to think I am a creative advisor,  he does nearly all the work :-)  

    BTW ; Separate question to any mods... Can he signup here?

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    Tony, yeah! Of course! In gact, assuming your Express is under your email, no reason he can't use his email to open an account and download another copy of Express* (assuming you have two computers available this lets you work on both). 

    *(Licenses are tied to email addresses, so, if you do this, keep an eye on add-on packs. Adding an add-on to account Dad doesn't add it to account Son.)

    Some of our most enthusiastic forum members are our youngsters. Look on YouTube for channels by Film Empire, Venom Films and Digital Blast to see some fun work--and tutorial videos--coming from teen and pre-teen users. :) 

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