[Answered] Saving Project with HitFilm 2017

Using Hit Film 2017 , when I work on my project  with Hit  Film 2017 then when I try to save  it keep saving it on Hit Film 2 Ultimate  not sure why, any help



  • Why dont you just try uninstalling Hitfilm 2 Ultimate?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    If you are on Windows, right click a .hfp file, select "Open With," then check "Always use this program..." before selecting Hitfilm Pro 2017.

    This is Windows issue, not a Hitfilm glitch. 

    @Eliezerlow312 there are a few advantages to Hitfilm 2 Ultimate. It's a bit faster at straight editing (it has lower overhead and lower minimum specs than HF3+), and it's the last version of Hitfilm to allow multiple instances to run (because HF2 has no proxies). 

    Which means one could let HF2017 render while using HF2U to edit a different project. 

  • jaajaa
    edited June 2017

    I am using Hit film 2 because 3D models working more smoothly  

    than HF2017 on my Mac 

  • @jaa This warning when you save in HitFilm 2017 is saying that you will not be able to open this project in HF2 anymore. This is to prevent people from accidentally overwrite their projects if they don't mean to. I am sure you will agree that having to click one button in a dialog is less annoying than losing an entire project because you hadn't realised you were converting your project to a newer version. You can still get into that situation but at least you've been warned.

    If you create the project with HF2017 you will not get that warning.

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