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I wanted some honest and constructive feedback please...I placed a sun in this photo using HitFilm, does it look realistic, and correct for the shadow angles etc?

If not, and if you want to have a go yourself and show me, then please grab the file from here:



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    I would like to have a text box like what appears in this following video, please skip to 7 minutes.

    A box I can use over and over for projects and have ability to change text in upper and lower part, and the left blue box as well, and ability to change the colour in that box to whatever I want. I like the opacity level in it as well, because then I can place text on any photo screen and still the viewer can easily read the text, even if the photo behind is very light. I want it to dissolve into screen as this video and dissolve out.

    I would be happy to pay for this if the price is right.  So if someone who can create this for me and wants to give me a quote for a price for doing so, please message me.

    Cheers :)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Sun angle. Look at the bush to the side of the road above "Yaweh House." The shadow is extending back into frame and left. Your shadows are coming forward out of frame to left. The sun was behind the photographer in this photo. If having the sun in frame is important to you, you might want to change source images. 

    The box? 

    Layer one: create a plane. Draw a rectangular mask for your main box. Add a gradient effect and set colors to dark/mid grey. Turn down opacity. 

    Duplicate this layer twice. 

    On the topmost copy, adjust the existing mask to be smaller and in the top left corner. Change gradient colors to blues. 

    On the middle copy, do the same thing, but change gradient colors to white/light gray. 

    Select the text tool and draw a text box above your white bar. Enter "dummy" text of your favorite book/chapter/verse to set font, color and size. 

    Draw a text box over the grey pane. Enter "dummy" text of your quote to set font, color and size. 

    Save this Composite Shot to reload into different projects. Change text layers and you can drop this into other Composite Shots as an embedded composite shot or on the Editor Timeline to an upper track. 

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    Thank you @Triem23 , I've always struggled with light sources, which may be obvious to someone else.

    I'll try the steps you posted for the box.

    I appreciate your feedback and reply :)

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    Which gradient?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Any gradient will do, but plain old color gradient was the one I had in mind. In this case you're dragging it to the planes.

    Here. I built this in under 10 minutes. It's pretty close to the example you showed in the video, but built a little differently than I described above. I just scaled my planes directly instead of faffing around with masks.

    This is a Composite Shot built in Hitfilm Express 2017. Just use the Import Composite Shot option to load it in. Box Composite.hfcs?dl=0

  • Thank you @Triem23 :)

    As you made that, I also played around with this, and even though my finished one is very different from the example in the video, what are your thoughts?

    And I will check out your one now.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Looks good. Only thing I'd say is maybe make your background box a little taller. Right now the decenders on letters like "p" on the bottom line of text are hitting the very bottom of the background box, killing your margin.

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    @Triem23 awesome!!!  Your one is exactly what I had wanted.

    If I may get your permission, I will save that and use it in future projects? And use that as a foundation for all new ones I create.

  • Yep, good pick up Triem23, cheers :)

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    Yeah, go ahead and save that for future use. No pay, no credit needed.

    Once Javert ends his internship I'll probably make a couple variations on that and stick 'em up on the Preset Marketplace for everyone to use.

  • That's great!

    Thank you Triem23 for your help, it's really appreciated a lot.


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    @Triem23 Comparing with the original video, what are your thoughts with this that I played around with today?

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    @Triem23 @GrayMotion @NormanPCN etc, and anyone else who is interested in Lower Third Animations, can you please give me feedback on this animated lower third that I just created in Hitfilm?

  • Here is another version, with a logo, your thoughts?  Looks a bit rough the way the logo come into shot?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    The one over the cave--I like the color shift from blue to orange on the second box. 

    The second one has a nice clean look, and some nice movement, but I think I would like to see the orange accent flare at the lower edge of your top pane move all the way off the top pane (into invisibility) before the panes split to the sides.

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    @Triem23 do you think the blue to orange one (the cave) is good enough to share with others?  I'm not sure if HitFilm has a free preset sharing link?

    And regarding the other one, is that what you mean?

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    The cave is good enough to share, yes. Best option there is the Preset Marketplace at Javert's site.

    He may be slow to update while he's interning at FXHOME. 

    On the second lower third, that was exactly what I meant. It's cleaner in that revision. 

  • Awesome, cheers @Triem23.

  • The look of the lower thirds is nice, but the linear movement feels stiff.  I suggest changing the keyframes to Manual Bezier to soften the starts and stops.

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    @jsbarrett , Thank you.

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    Any feedback on something like this?

  • It feels really sluggish.  Part of that is due to the actual timing, but part is also due to the linear keyframes.  Timing-wise, this would have a bit more interest and punch if it were compressed down to about 5-6 seconds instead of 13.

    If you keep the same components, I suggest speeding up the lens flare cross so that it happens in about 1 second or less, using manual bezier keyframes on the beginning and end to add variety to the move.  Hold the flare for about two seconds on the right, then speed up the flare growth and fade so it all happens in another 2-3 seconds, again using manual bezier keyframes so that all the changes aren't linear.  One of the key things I learned in my early days as an animator is that linear motion -- linear changes of any kind, really, including light intensity -- is generally boring.  Using HitFilm's smooth keyframe options, or manual bezier, adds contrast to the frame-to-frame differences. Things with some form of contrast in their movement are generally more interesting to watch than those that don't.

  • Thanks for the constructive feedback @jsbarrett ;)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Take a gander at this HF2U tutorial. Techniques would be the same in Hitfilm 2017, but this is a good way to use masks to set up animated procedural text flares. And this method would let you change fonts and have the animation update automatically.

    Personally I'm not a fan of that font. It's too "Dukes of Hazzard" for me. 

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    Cheers @Triem23

    By the way, last night I was browsing my projects and remembered that project I created ages ago.  I mean this video:

    I will try to do something with this, but it's a lot slower on Express 2017 than it was on Express 4. It seems it's time to upgrade my PC.

  • According to this article (found by searching "Bold and the Beautiful" font on Google), it's Huxley Vertical.

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    You are a champ, thanks @jsbarrett
    I looked and looked for it, couldn't find it.  No idea how I missed that article :P 


  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    Sites that will tell you the font(s) used and alternatives if you upload or link an image:

    Font Squirrel Matcherator


    Font Spring Matcherator


  • @Aladdin4d THANKS, that's so helpful! ;)

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