Export ending so short

Hi, I have a bit of a fustrating problem.

I'm making a little project, with a bunch of about 8 second clips strung together, shot on my canon t5i. I'm editing on a macbook pro 2013 baseline, meaning 8 gb ram, intel 6100 iris graphics 1536 mb, and a 2.7 ghz i5.

I would generally have a simple 2 minute video, but that wasn't working. It's now down to a 30 second video (4 different projects), but not once have I exported. The computer runs fine for even more complex VFX shots, but this time, no matter what, nothing seems to work.

Am I missing something?



  • is your macbookpro2013 with 64bit OS 10.10 yosemite (min. specs)... ?

  • @Behind_The_Lens could you be a bit more specific please? What doesn't work? Does HitFilm crash, does it hang, is the video not the correct duration? As always, do not  hesitate to contact support if you don't want to share your project on here.

  • sorry, so basically, what happened is it estimates 1 minute 20 seconds. It starts to consistenly count down at 1 minute, and the program will crash and force quit at aroun 48 seconds.

    Its a thank you video for my teachers, and it consists of classmates saying "thank you", but I need to have clips of everyone, so I just cut between a bunch of people saying thank you.

  • @Behind_The_Lens This should definitely not happen. One thing you can try is to export to a png sequence and look at what frame is failing. When HitFilm crashes, you will have in your folder a list of images and the last one will either be corrupted or it will be fine, meaning that the next frame has made the software crash.

    When you know what frame crashes, you can try exporting only that one by setting the IN and OUT points of your timeline on that frame and try exporting again to png sequence.

    If you do not wish to investigate this, you can send us your entire project with media via our support system. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience.

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