Why am I seeing a flash frame when I use Fade to Color?

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On the Editor timeline I am fading up from black into a composite shot.  The images come from motion graphics/screen capture -- not from a camera.  My frame rate is 25fps.

To create the fade up,  I dragged/dropped the Fade to Color effect from Transitions-Video > Fade to Color.  The fade in happens over 17 frames at the start of the timeline.( The composite shot has no effects or transitions for the first 10-12 seconds.) 

I am assuming that Fade to Color is meant for fade up, as well as fade to black, is this correct?  

Why am I seeing a flash frame towards the end of the fade up? (It looks like a retro film effect)  I'm seeing the flash even if I render out at high quality.  When I render a proxy as I'm working, I still see the flash.

Is there some way to upload a video sample to show?


  • Any help would be greatly appreciated...

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    This forum doesn't host photo/video, so do a Youtube upload and paste the link here. Set privacy to Unlisted if you don't need your subs to see.

  • Here is a youtube link that shows the problem:



  • Very strange. I thought by your mention of a "flash frame" that you were getting a single frame of some other color, but it appears that it's actually going slightly brighter than the source footage at the end of the fade.

    I did a quick test of this using a still image, and get the same result. Looks like you might've actually found a bug.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Agreed. Tagging @Ady the overworked QA guy. Ady, you don't get to celebrate the new product release, Davlon found a bug!

  • As a workaround, make a black plane, drop it on a layer above your footage, adjust it to the length you want for your fade, and keyframe its opacity.

  • >  Davlon found a bug!

    Rockin!  Is there a rewards program?   :-)

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Just a "thanks." ;-) 

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