Hot Sauce

I just made this dumb video... Please tell me what you think.

Made with hitfilm express 2017


  • Nice! Gave me a good Monday morning chuckle. 

  • Yep not bad, it's got a story, comic timing and some camera angles. You actually reminded alot of a younger version of the FilmRiot gang. If you have not seen their work (you have seen it right) then check out their advice video on filming fights, gives good advice on camera placement for making those punches really look like they connect.

    Oh and I'd of pulled in on the apple shot to show the ketchup, it was kind of just implied that he was eating that. Or at least it was for me.

  • I watch film riot all the time lol. I actually used a punch technique they talk about because at first the punch didn't even come close to my face, so I had to mask his hand and make it connect.

  • @JacobSct nice, well I thought I detected a bit of their influence. Keep up the good work.

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