Flash Aerial View Running Effect tutorial!


Sorry about the audio! Ran into a few issues. Contact me at FanceGeek@gmail.com if your having a hard time hearing it.

Anyway! The Flash effect from an aerial view on Hitfilm!


  • Nice job! Very clear directions, and kudos for not just accepting that something "couldn't be done."  

  • edited June 2017

    @Rahul_VFX - Nice tutorial! Aside from the already stated audio issue my only critique would be to show the effect full screen when you're done. We only get a short couple seconds at the beginning to see the effect in action- we should see it once you've keyframed the mask as well. Glad you showed what the 'intersect' setting can do other than just being part of a list of options. And as @jsbarrett  noted- glad you didn't accept something couldn't be done.


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