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So I am really new to Hitfilm and frankly film editing in general.  So far I love Hitfilm.  I've been looking at some addons for Express, but realized when I add up the cost for all the addons, it is the same price as Pro (and I believe pro comes with more).  So I am wondering if it isn't better to cut my teeth on Express and learn all I can, then just bit the bullet and by Pro outright.  I'd love to hear some opinions from others.  Thanks


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    If you buy Pro and have Express add-ons, you DO get a discount based on the add-ons you've purchased (roughly half the add-on cost). This won't really be listed anywhere as there are literally millions of possible combinations of add-on packs.

    My recommendation is to pick up Express to cut your teeth on, and pick up the Pro Demo to play with. You'll be able to export from Express, but not the Pro demo. Anything you create in Pro you can try loading into Express, but Pro features that aren't in Express will be automatically stripped out (but, if you're playing in Pro and happen to have built something that doesn't use features not in Express, you can move the project into Express to render).

    Then, perhaps, don't pick up more than two or three of the Add-On packs that really have those "NEED NOW!" features as you save up for Pro.

    If you want a very thorough breakdown on HF4E vs HFE 2017 vs HFP 2017, well, this thread would be it.

  • If you can comfortably afford PRO, then with a long term vision in mind, I would suggest considering buying PRO.   Express can get limited depending on what you want to do.

    Compare them both, and see if PRO offers things that you definitely see yourself using now and/or into the future.

    All the best :)


  • I think you should carefully assess whether you need all the features in Pro because you might not use many of them and would be as well served by Express with selected add-ons. Then you get to keep your add-ons as Express updates each year (Pro does not come with updates although they are discounted).

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