Tracking forward one frame at a time

Hey, I am trying to do a track to see how well this program handles it, but it is not tracking... I recorded a very easy to track video (slow and drew black dots for easy distinction) I line the red box up and give ample room for the green one to find it, but when I press "track forward", it acts as if I pressed "Track forward by 1 frame." I don't know if I'm doing something wrong, but i have restarted the program many times and watched their tutorial on tracking to make sure I did not miss anything. Please help as I would really like to do some tracking for a video. Thanks!


  • i had the same issue with hitfilm-pro, then i have re-install hitfilm, and the tracking work perfect.

  • I have the same issue, but re-installing doesn't help. Is there any known solution to this?

  • I found that sometimes the Track Tolerance gets set to 0%, meaning there's no room for error. In the Track window click Options, then the Reset button so that it goes back to 25%.

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