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Hello you guys!
First I really like to say how awesome  you are!
I'm still amazed what the software offer (even with it's basic).
Nothing I say really cover what I'm thinking about it.
My knowledge is basic on the editing world and yet. The software interface is so simple to understand. And the same time offers an awesome rang of  features 
And did I say it's free? :)

Anyway I'd like to offer few ideas I think will help new and experience users. And I want to hear your opinions. 

1. Please add on the website a sort video describing the addon.
It'll give a visual  info about the addon. And will give to your channel more viewers.  On the software you can a like blow the addon.
2. Please add a option to make 2/3/4/6 etc screens on the same size.
For example. Almost every youtuber offer in the end of his video a previous video... So he can size it at the same time. It'll make the editing much easier
3. YouTube kit:
Our community can help.
Create a list of music that has no copyrights.
Create a list of video effects that has no copyrights.
Create a list of graphics that has no copyrights.
Think about it as Waze for editing.
a single user can listed a music/effect with no copyrights.
Give an sort online preview (host for example on sound cloud) and direct download.
Other users can rate it. And if he gave a bad file (with copyright, or non legal file) other users can remove it.
I have so many more...
Please tell me what do you think about it.
Thank you.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    1) I note that most of the add on packs now have video previews. 

    2) This is the "Split Screen Masking" effect in the Starter Pack add-on. This can also be built by embedded "media holder" Composite Shots. You can save this out as a preset you can reload and swap out media. 

    3) Many community members and threads on this site do just that! 

    Finally, there's an official Wishlist thread for feature requests. The Staff regularly check that, so it may be a better place for suggestions. :-)

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