Doctor Who Series 11 Titles Progress

Hi everyone, I hope you're all well, I've not been active due to a spot of ill health but onward and upwards! 

That aside, there are a few product announcements and progress updates :)

  1. There's a fresh new version of the Celestial model pack in the works, no fancy names just 'Celestial Model Pack V2' it follows to same route as the first but this time it packs far greater detail and as always works flawlessly with HitFilms engine, I'll release more info soon but the first image is live on the site here; (scroll down to 'The clock is ticking' ) 

  2. The NX Tardis V6 model is going push out 8K textures! in the next update, I know a fair few on the forum who have purchased the model will be happy with that one :)
  3. 'Forum only' info... A Doctor Who series 11 titles are on the horizon ;) just waiting to finish the introductory elements for the doctor and companion to which are not yet announced, the series 10 titles has hit almost 100K views :O

For the City Pack, this has been put on hold due to the need for manual randomisation on my end creating variants of city blocks, the file size is getting far too high and the simple way to optimise this is if the HitFilm developers integrate 90* rotation seeds in the particle emitter, Ae already has this feature and testing of the pack works flawlessly, sorry about that guys but it's a lot of work and making the process bulky as of yet :/

Also I hope you like the website design structure, it's not quite there yet but starting to come together pretty nicely :D.



  • Welcome back online, all sounds good. Hope your all better.

  • @Andy001z Thanks buddy, it's good to be back on form! I'm still a bit iffy but nothing I can't handle :) 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator


    Ah, I agree with the observation on the particle sim. My Wishlist suggestion was to add an "interval" or "lock" checkbox next to rotation variation controls. Normal mode would function as-is, the checkbox locking the rotation to multiples of the variation value. 

    It's a big enough change we'll have to hold out hope for Hitfilm 2018. I'd also love to be able to parent trajectory targets and cubic forces/deflectors to a point layer. 

  • Howdy everyone :) I'm posting at a silly time but the series 11 Doctor Who titles are full steam ahead, Thanks to @Ady some issues I had are no more, I've had this in the works for over six months and here's the what it will start out like :) 

    Side note; My workstation is almost combusting

    @Triem23 Cheers bro, 'cubic forces/deflectors to a point layer' That and I'd like to see a low poly 3D deflector of the origional model, that way the model can interact with particles, it would generate the deflector somewhat how the atomic particles iterates/subdivides from the origional model. 


  • Looks awesome! Can't wait to see the finished product!

  • Nice!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Looking forward to the final version. 

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