Being blunt, I'm looking for some comminuty hugs (Phone found!!)

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Feeling a bit sorry for myself this morning, in short I lost my phone at the weekend, and while the technology bit of that event is quickly fixed the lost photos / videos is not. My lovely wife is not best pleased and I feel stupid becuase it was one of those things that I might have overcome with a little more care and attention. I am still hopefull that it will turn up, I know the location that I lost it and luckilery for me it is a closed site so all lost property should go to customer services.

Getting a new phone might be an issue also, my wife does not like smart phones and has very little love for me getting a replacement. I may have to go dark ages for sometime.

Anyway, a truly minor event given the events in London this weekend.


  • Sorry to hear about this Andy :(

    I sincerely empathise, I get very emotionally impacted if I loose something, it's very psychologically draining and depressive.  And the concerns about your personal/private photos/videos must be very concerning and give anxiety/worry feelings and low moods.

    I think you are right, a bit of apathy there, more care and attention next time ;)

    I hope the doggie house is nice and warm for you, and I truly empathise, hope it turns up and you get a big hug from your wife.

    All the best Andy, hope it all works out for you.


  • Update: Good news everyone my manhood stays attached. My phone has been located in one of the places that I thought it might have been dropped by me. I'll say something for google timeline location tracking it does a dam good job. My timeline confirmed the last known location and then this morning being moved 100ft to the office location of the petrol station that I used last evening. Phone found on forecourt and my parents have agreed to collect it for me, they are more local. Phone is reported as having screen damage but must be operational is some way for the GPS to have reported its position. It is highly likely that the memory card is still working and my family content is retrieveable. - FEW.

    Feeling a lot happier now. Hoping the cost of the repair isn't significant.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Forget the repair costs, all that's important is the memory.

    Phone--ok, so it's expensive.

    Photos and memories, priceless.

    You still need hugs, or are we into fistbumps and high-fives?

  • Thanks @Triem23 your right its the data that was most important. While I am upset / scared (shameful I know) of having to justify more money on tech the fact that the phone is safe is a major plus. (High-fives) 

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