[Resolved] Anyone done this in HitFilm?

Anyone worked out, or done this effect in HitFilm, where the animation image looks 3D?

Please refer to this video, from 1 second to 9 second:



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    You do realize that's not an animation effect, it's a circle dolly shot, yes? 

  • That is kinda what I thought. Some kind of camera move. Don't know jack, so not confident about my perception of it all.

    I think I can see a little halo on the right tree maybe due to keying the sky out of the source media for the sky replacement. Damn good job keying whatever sky was behind everything. That can be tough. I once keyed sky out. They probably planned it all so shot when the sky was reasonably uniform.

    I think effects are used to pump contrast, colors and sharpness to give it a bit of surreal look.

    Whatever it is, it's pretty cool lookin.

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    Yes @Triem23.

    But I just came across a HitFilm Video that discusses this :)



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    If you know the first shot isn't an animation, but a slider shot, why are you asking if anyone's done that type of animation using a non animation as your example? 

    Also, since you've thrown up a tutorial on the technique (the Hitfilm channel actually has at least three videos on this technique. One in Hitfilm 1, one in Hitfilm 2, one in Hitfilm 4. Hitfilm Sensei has one, and my next tutorial also will cover this.), again, why are you asking if anyone's done this when the tutorial you've linked has 70k+ views? And your initial example ISN'T AN ANIMATION!? 

    If you want to share videos that espouse your philosophy, that's fine, but please don't use a misleading question to draw in an audience, man. 

    @NormanPCN motion controlled slider time-lapse taken with a slow shutter. 

  • Yep, getting tired of the transparent attempts to get views on religious videos with some completely spurious question. Go post them where people are interested in your views, this isn't the place for it.

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    @Triem23  You have made false accusations about me and I am more than happy to receive an apology from you if you are willing.

    Relax please, be patient with others, and be kind and don't make assumptions about someone's intentions and motives when you have NO idea about a person's personal intent and motives.

    To be 100% honest, I don't even agree with those 2 guys in that video, they teach contrary to my personal philosophy and beliefs!

    Your "don't use a misleading question to draw in an audience" is wrong, because I would never promote those 2 guys and their message!

    My personal philosophy and beliefs are NOT aligned with those 2 guys, FULL STOP, or their message and the false names and titles they use for the Creator etc, so you could not be further from the truth in your accusations about me!  And I also don't align with their interpretation about the weather events that they are trying to promote.  I only showed that video for the Intro, NOTHING more!

    Cheers and all the best to you.

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    @Palacono the truth is, I have 100% NOTHING to do with that message in the video or those 2 guys who I don't agree with, as I disagree with their religious teachings!

    I actually thought of trimming that video to just show the intro, but then I thought that would be unethical to do, so I showed the whole video.

    It was the best looking 3D view I saw, hence I used that for display purposes.  And notice, I indicated to only view from 1 second to 9 second, not watch longer than that which you obviously did anyway at your own accord!  Why would you even bother to watch further than 9 seconds?!

    I am ready for an apology from you if you are willing for falsely accusing me.

    No hard feelings though, I hope all the best to you.

  • I agree @NormanPCN , it caught my eye, as it looks pretty cool I thought. The best I personally seen, awesome effect.

  • Apologize? I think the only one who think about his doing is you. Because every discussion where it comes down to apologise  includes you in somehow.... So maybe edit your answers or your post as you always do it. Sorry to everybody else about my anger.  

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    Anyone who makes a false accusation about someone's motives or intents, should apologize!

    The topic was the INTRO, nothing else.  There was no need by anyone to start making accusations, when it was clear in post #1 to watch the intro from 1sec to 9 sec, nothing else. People have the right to post something on this Forum without someone throwing off-topic accusations around.

    SB, don't let you anger cloud what's right.  I am sure you would appreciate an apology from someone if they had falsely accused you of your motives.

    Now back on Topic, before any other accusations are made, the Intro to that first video, I have all I need now from the HitFilm tutorial to play around with this, so based on that, thread can be closed.

  • Yep. I know the thread has been marked as resolved but I have to agree with others the shot is really nice. Sure wish I had a electronic slider then I too could make intriguing shots like that.

    Just a thought - think about using blender to make something similar @Yeremyah. Plenty of free 3D assets out there to pull it off.

  • @Yeremyah you'll get no apology from me because I am tired of you posting videos with spurious questions about  the simplest of effects or completely unrelated effects, like the current non-animation question.

    Just to recap: you also recently asked if it was possible to do a very simple effect with some text. You've been using the software for more than 2 years and you've produced videos covering subjects that you've then come and asked questions about.

    This question makes zero sense from someone who has been using the software for so long:

    Q: (You)"And at 3:50, it zooms in on a photo, is that possible to do in Express 2017?"

    A: Set two keyframes on Transform> Scale. See your own video for how to do this.

    What's next? "What is an .MP4 file?"

    You've also posted that you do all your 3D modelling in Blender, which has a much more comprehensive feature set and challenging interface than Hitfilm, but which you apparently have no problems navigating or using.

    The threads where you ask your 'questions' always seem to have clickbait titles like "How do I do this....?" with no further information.

    IMO, they're one step away from "You'll never believe how I did this in Hitfilm in only one day while also making $$$$ on the stockmarket from my bedroom".

    If you have genuine questions, then people are happy to respond, as answering also helps others; but have you honestly not found a non-religious video with some "amazing" effect you want to emulate?

    Why don't you simply start "Yeremyah's Thread about....[insert text]." where you can post links to your videos, your questions and the clips you want to copy from, so people will know where to go to help you? You could edit the title of the thread each time you add a new question or video, so people can see what it is you're currently talking about.

    I make no assumption about your motivation, I'm just telling you I'm bored with it. Take it as constructive feedback.

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    @Palacono you should apologize when making a false accusation, it's human decency.  I watch religious content 99% of my time, hence that why it seems I reference stuff like that, because I don't usually watch other content day to day, so I came across that amazing looking 9 second shot and wanted to share it as I was not too sure how it was made or if something similar can be done in HitFilm.  And I was thoughtful, hence, I posted to watch from 1 sec to 9 sec so people aren't in a position to have to scroll through the video. It looks so good I think and I had some ideas about how I could use something like that in my own projects if I knew how to do it.

    As said, it actually entered my mind to crop/trim that first part but on second thought I don't like editing other people's work, IMHO that is unethical and not right.  Secondly, the truth is, I don't like what those 2 guys teach, nor do I agree with it, nor was I too keen to post that video due to that.  But that shot looks so amazing I posted the link anyway.  SO as you can see, your assumptions about my motives to post that link was not truthful or accurate!

    And using HitFilm for 2 years doesn't mean someone can produce that amazing shot.  That is way too complex for many users, even longer term users. If you can create something like that from scratch, then would love to see your work and I would be very impressed with your HitFilm knowledge.

    And yes I use Blender to create some work, but usually not by myself from scratch, I always use tutorials created by people who are real pro's and then personalise the Blender project to my needs.  

    And you are "projecting" again Palacono, what may be "easy" for you may not be for others, even if it's a basic thing for you.  I have seen experienced users here, (who shall remain nameless), make mistakes that others indicated were "easy", or they missed to understand something basic that others may have thought was "easy", so they had to redo their tutorial etc.   You have a lot to learn about human psychology and relative thought processing and reasoning.

    And your condescending comment, "What's next? "What is an .MP4 file?", should be deleted please, it was not necessary to stoop to that level.

    And keep in mind, you will never see an official HitFilm Staff member start getting angry or throwing accusations around, no matter what is posted.  So we should all be professional and nice like that when dealing with others.

    I do like your suggestion however about having ""Yeremyah's Thread about....[insert text]." thread for all my future questions, then people who want to see my questions, knowing it may contain religious content can help.  And those like you and Triem who don't like my content I post, can simply avoid my tread and ignore it.

    Thank you for your feedback :)

    All the best to you.

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    Cheers @GrayMotion , I too really loved that shot, it looks really nice with that 3D effect.

    Good idea about Blender, I will look around for something in Blender that may help and will go to the Blender Forums to ask the experienced guys in there.

    All the best my friend, and thank you for your help always, the stuff you have personally helped me, and intros etc, you are very kind :)

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    Please now consider this thread CLOSED.  

    Cheers :)

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