First short with Hitfilm - feedback please

So I've put together my first short film using HF and in fact it's my first ever attempt at filming and editing dslr footage. It's a quick cooking vid of my wife cooking one of our favs (plus a toddler and baby in the background not helping matters ). I'm at the start of this journey, so I know there are many flaws (e.g. exposure, focusing, camera-shake, etc). But I would love to get any thoughts and tips from the community.



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    With honest feedback, I was really impressed with that.  It looks professional, like something I would see on a proper cooking TV channel.

    And the music was cheerful too :)

    Impressed with the camera angles/views too. And I didn't mind the camera shakes/blurriness etc, it added to an authentic type of feel.

    And at the end, I sincerely has saliva and wanted to eat it lol

    Well done! 

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    I thought it was great! :D Only a very few shots were 1/2 a second too long, but you'll tighten those up with practice.

    One shot that seemed a bit "meh" was the pan upward on the olive oil bottle . Either show the label, or the picture, or hold it to obscure the actual label, but show us something that says it's olive oil. As it was we saw about 1/5 of a label that wasn't very interesting with a hint of an olive twig on it. People familiar with the brand would identify it immediately (I did) others would go "WTH was that?"

    Also the clock shots didn't convey much very clearly. Was I supposed to note the times and do some mental arithmetic? Showing someone setting a timer and starting it would convey the times required for the various parts.

    A few of the out of focus shots were out of focus for a little too long, or didn't resolve into  in-focus shots at all. While I don't mind the odd 'hunting for focus' shot, if it's going to be completely out of focus, I prefer those for fillers, like someone walking across the kitchen, not actually putting ingredients in a bowl.

    Other than that: very professional and almost on a par with those mini-recipe clips you see on the food channel between the main shows (The other half has that channel on as background quite a lot... :) )

    Also, bear in mind that I only watched it once, so the things I'm describing might not actually have happened, but I was left with the impression that they did at the end. ;)

  • @Yeremyah - thank you, that's much appreciated! 

  • @Palacono - Thank you for taking the time to view the film and providing feedback. I pretty much agree with all your points and there's a few things you've mentioned that I will definitely take into account to improve the narrative in future. What I mostly take from it, is that a little planning is required, whereas I just picked up the camera and ran with it, with my wife my telling me to "hurry up!" . I have much to learn.

  • Well, based on that being done completely ad hoc, I'm even more impressed. :) You've clearly got a good eye for shot composition and making editing choices. I look forward to your next attempts.

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