[Resolved] Music track won't import due to ID3 Tags

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Hey everyone,

Working on a wedding highlight film project and am going to bring in some music I've downloaded and licensed via Musicbed.  When I import it, I get a file error that says it could not be imported.  I tried both a watermarked MP3 as well as a .wav file licensed.  Any thoughts on what my issues are?

I have no problem importing music from artlist. Is there some DRM that's messing things up?



  • Excuse me, invalid media is the note I get.

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Check the ID3 tags. Hitfilm doesn't like multiple tags. Stripping secondary tags (if there are any) should fix the issue. VLC and Audacity can do this. Else, ID3 editors can be Googled. 

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    @Triem23 Thanks again man!  Yeah, that would work.  In Audacity the only tag I see is for a software tag: Lavf54.XX.XXX.  I hit clear and exported and was able to open in HF.  Odd that it would do that.


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    Glad you've got your files importing. 

    I've noticed Hitfilm is very literal in how it opens files. The original mp3 spec allowed for a single set of ID3 tags, and that's all Hitfilm supports. For Pro users, imported 3D models are often saved from various modelers with features not in the original specifications for the model format, and that data is stripped on Hitfilm import. Not a complaint, just an observation. 

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