[Bug] MP3 Sound Glitch and Audio Slicing Wierditude

Don't know if this has been reported (search is...yeah, never mind), but unless this is a special format .MP3 file, I'd have expected someone to have found this the first time they added any sound to a video.

First a loud glitch, (like it's playing the header?) and then slicing shows it incrementally nibbling away at the length and apparently losing definition - in the display anyway.

Someone recently said they got a frame of silence between cuts, so the apparent zero volume slice shown in the video might be doing that, I guess. I couldn't hear anything different after adding lots and lots and lots of cuts though.

This was in Express 2017 (update #5) and update #4 of  Pro. Haven't installed update #5 of Pro yet, but as version number is same as Express update #5: probably there too.



  • AdyAdy Staff

    @Palacono - Could you send me the file used please? Then I can take a look at it, thanks!

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