Animating a circle being drawn

I'd like to animate the creation of a circle around some text BUT just can't find a way to do it. At the moment I'm using amsks to reveal the pre-drawn circle but it doesn't look very clean.

Any help much appreciated.


  • The way I would achieve this would be using keyframes, but maybe there's a better way in HitFilm 2017 - I didn't dive into it yet. ^^

  • Thanks CNK

    btw : I am using Hitfilm 4 Pro... and using keyframes with those masks.

    I must be missing something very obvious

  • You could Use Polar Warp on a plane to adjust the size of a wedge of visible circle. The use Set Matte on a Composite shot with that in it as the Matte for a Circle that you've already drawn.

    This will explain it better than I can:

  • Ooohhh... I think that'll do it. Thanks Palacano.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Ok this is going to seem like an unrelated tutorial (it's Hitfilm 2 Ultimate. The interface is a little different, but the techniques apply.

    Now, I'm out of town on a smartphone, so I can't check this, but I think Hitfilm has a circle wipe transition. So, draw your circle on a black plane. Drop on the Editor Timeline next to another copy of the black plane (no circle) and add the transition. Set In/Out points, render and re-import. Add a Demult to knock out the black and you have a smooth circle. 

    Or.... Mask a horizontal line about 1/3 from the bottom of your screen. Add a second mask in subtract mode and keyframe it to make a horizontal wipe. Add the polar warp effect and adjust to taste. 

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    @Palacono beat me. I'd started my post, but stopped to check in to our hotel. 

  • Thanks again... the more options the better.

    The goal is to have a fireball move in a circular motion leaving the visible circle behind it or collide with an iceball moving in the opposite direction half way around, explode and leave a name.

    Once we  crack the animated creation of the circle I'm hoping the rest will fall into place (maybe, perhaps).

    Is there something in hitfilm to create a path for an effect to follow?

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Oy. Pro would make this easy (particle sim and neon path). Express.... Yeah, but it's trickier. Let me put thought into this. 

  • That would be good.

    I believe Neon Path was added in pro 2017 (we're using Pro 4) so don't put yourself out on our account. If we really get stuck we can animate in Anime Studio Pro and import the movie to Hitfilm to add effects

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    Yeah, but Pro 4! You have particle sims! Dude! 

    Place a point (Pivot)  at 0,0,0. Place another point (Emitter) at, say, 500, 0, 0. Parent Emitter to Pivot. In your particle sim, assign your particle emitter to Emitter Point. Set particle speed to zero, turn up Life. Animate Pivot to spin on Z and you're drawing a circle. With the particle sim you can make any line that follows whatever moves you keyframe to its emitter! So... Get the right textures and you're set! You can use a still a video (including procedural generated media)  or a 3D model as a particle texture! You are so set! 

    A bit later I'll select some tutorials from the Hitfilm channel to teach you the relevant settings. It won't be for what you're trying to do, but the tools you'll need to know in the particle sim that will get you there. 

  • Ok Super stuff. Will give it a go using an image. Thank again

  • @Tony

    You might want to check out inScapeDigital's preset effect for Doctor Strange portal.  He uses 3 emitters to create.

    Thought it might help you out.

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