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Greetings HitFilm users!

I am Dartanbeck

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I am a Premier Artist at Daz3d, mostly focusing on Carrara-specific products as well as some animation kits. I am endeavoring to become a CG Animation Filmmaker, and was blown away when I took the "VFX for Guerrilla Filmmakers" course via FutureLearn and Norwich University of the Arts, which featured Simon Jones as our HitFilm Express instructor... what a blast!

I don't get much time to come to the forum, but I'm glad to be here and absolutely love FXHome for granting us use of this incredible software for free! I am really looking forward to delving deep into it - even more, I can hardly wait to grab the Pro version! Yikes! It looks like Express on steroids! 

I also look forward to meeting all of you as we travel these roads together. I'm odd though... I actually enjoy rotoscoping... so far at least! ;)

Take off from Xion City


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    Years ago, while I was still cutting my teeth in Carrara, learning the ropes of animating my heroes, creating my lighting techniques, experimenting with cameras and some of the basic animation tools in Carrara, I was talking with some friends about what software they use for stitching video clips together. I was very green still in all aspects of all of this.

    To try out some software, long before I heard of HitFilm (I don't think it existed yet) I only had the 30 day trial, so I just tested it out using some test render animations I made to see how some of my settings were working, how my animation timing was going, testing various lights, etc., etc.,

    In truth, these clips were all garbage and meant for the recycle bin, but they worked out pretty well for trying my hand at editing:


    I have some babble session stuff about Carrara, my VFX for Guerrilla Filmmakers, and other miscellaneous stuff on My YouTube Channel, if anyone's interested.

    Here's a fun thing I made when Daz3d let us try out the beta release of Carrara 8.5 Pro with their (then) flagship new figure, Genesis!


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    @DartanBeck Welcome! You'll like it here......some of us are PD Howler users too ;)

    I've read through your Howler thread and seen some of your work over at Daz3d and wanted to say I think it's all great stuff!!




  • Thanks Aladdin4d! :)

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    Fun with Particles

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    My YouTube Channel has quite a few babble sessions about Carrara and my HitFilm homework among other things, for those whom might be interested.

    Starship Control Room

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    Welcome to Hitfilm! Wait, you enjoy rotoscoping? You sick puppy! ;-) 

  • Yeah, Sick! :P

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