Light Saber Effect

Talk about take ages... but seeing the huge smile beaming on my sons face once i had completed it was amazing....


  • That is awesome!

  • @Bry_man Excellent tracking there!  Kudos to you.

  • Amazing job! One slight thing is that around 0:13 I saw the lightsaber blade move a tad bit off the handle,

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Lightsabers always take a long time... Now imagine how long it would take using the "classic" CG method (manually rotoscoping a plane layer), much less manual airbrush work in the original trilogy! 

    Looks good! Love your son's "Wow!" 

  • @Bry_man - Looks great! I was actually afraid your son was going to hurt himself!  :^O  lol

    @Triem23 - It takes forever. I still wake up in a cold sweat from rotoscoping the "My New Toy" (sonic screwdriver/laser/light saber) vid I did last year!

  • I love the light sword effect, I have found it so versitile.

  • thanks for the comments guys, i can assure you that i spent hours masking, no tracking involved, just a hell of alot of masking....

    yes he went to touch it so that would have been a luke skywalker self hand removal lol, wouldnt need vader to do it lol


    i shall look and edit the original for this blip ... 0:13 thanks :)

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