a new web series i'm working on using only hitfilm 2 ,and hitfilm 3 pro


  • Your made this with hit film? O.o

    This is amazing.

  • 100% HitFilm, NO other software used whatsoever?

  • The models came from another  source , but all editing and f/x were done in hitfilm 3 pro and  used hitfilm 2 on the  scenes  That had models involved, because the  version seem to handle 3D models better then newer versions.

  • Thank you @RobStilfield for your reply :)

  • very clever and well done.... i did feel that there were to many of those light reflection things.... but its very good none the less and making me want to go pro so i can use 3d models....good job sir

  • I agree the light reflections are out of control, but I really want to   Accentuate  the intensity of the deserts . Blinding at times 

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