Do I remove my previous version of Express once I have a new one?

Just installed Express 2017. Still have HF4 Express. Do I and if so, how do I, uninstall HF4 Express?


  • No, there's no need to remove it. 

  • But if you did want to....Uninstall it as you would anything else. On a PC via the Control Panel; dunno how Mac's work.

    I'd keep a copy of it and your previous projects because some things work slightly differently and you might want to go back to an old project/method/effect.

    I'd create a folder where all your HF4E projects go and another for HFE2017. Copy projects from HF4E folder to HFE2017 and open them there. Once you save them again from HFE2017 they will not load back into HF4E.

  • No, seperate software. Probably best to just keep Hitfilm 4 Express besides the new version.

  • Is keep the old just in case, also remember that if you save over an older version of the software project file on a newer version you will not be able to open it in the older Version.

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