Hitfilm Express 2017 keeps freezing


for example: when I import a clip in Hitfilm and try to move the playhead two or three frames to the right with the . key in the trimmer window Hitfilm freezes for about 20 seconds. At the moment the software is pretty much unusable for me because it freezes on almost every occasion.

Unfortunately Hitfilm 4 Express seems to behave the same since I installed Hitfilm Express 2017. So it might be a problem with my PC since yesterday but all other application are functioning just fine.

Here are my specs:

OS: Windows 10 Pro 64 Bit

CPU: Intel Xeon E3-1231v3


GPU: AMD Radeon R9 280x; 3GB RAM

GPU-Driver: latest recommended AMD driver (Radeon Software Version 17.4.4)



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    I have the same problem, Hitfilm 4 express was fine, i installed Hitfilm Express 2017 as i wanted a bundle and it freezes often

  • I have freezing problem too. When I add mp4 files the 2017 versions freezes and if in 15sec. Don't recover it becomes frozen forever. Not responding state. 

  • Can you show me a link to one of your mp4 files as I want to import it into my Express 2017 and see?

  • mine freezes whenever i try to create a new project.


    my specs are:

    16GB RAM

    Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7500U CPU @ 2.70GHz 2.90GHz

    GPU: Geforce 940MX

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    Hi, you might be experiencing a feature that came into life in Hitfilm 2017, the auto syncing of video and audio on imported media where it is different (variable). Once your media is imported it should get quicker but if you have a lot or a long video it might take a while to sort itself out. If you want to test the performance of the software on your computer, try not using your media but use some of the built in effects on a new PLANE then see if that still has a problem, I suspect not.

    Do you have details on what your media frame rate is? and the codec?

  • Yep, me too have same problem and i am trying to find way to fix this.

  • Same problem here. It was actually working fine initially but now doesn't perform well at all. Meanwhile, I put the same clips and edits in Movie Studio Platinum and it works fine.

  • I have express 2017, and I have already imported everything, and done some editing, and then it stops, and the window is frozen. I think it may have something to do with the fact I have a 45 minute video imported. maybe.

    I run macos 8gb ram, 1.6 GHz Intel Core i5.



  • I am having the same issue as above, Intel i7, 16g ram, nvida 1060, fairly confidant it's not my pc. the file i am trying to edit is an mp4 and it s quite large

  • Same issue, hanging worse than hangman...cant work like this. 

  • @GrantBoonzaier More details related to the media you're editing would be helpful.  If you haven't already got MediaInfo installed, get it now, then drop one of your source clips into it.  Switch the view to Text mode, then copy the report and paste it here.  Also, info about your system specs would be helpful: CPU, GPU, RAM, OS, and hard drive.

  • Hi I've just started using Hitfilm to edit and i want to edit a livestream that I've just done but every time I got to import my video it freezes and then goes not responding I was just wondering if anyone new how to fix this problem. I have tried putting the video through Handbrake but it does the same thing

    CPU:AMD R7 1800x


    GPU: Nvidia 970 sli

    OS: Windows 10 pro

    Storage: Samsung 960 EVO 500gb, Seagate 2TB HDD

    The Media Info

    Format : MPEG-4
    Format profile : Base Media
    Codec ID : isom (isom/iso2/avc1/mp41)
    File size : 2.38 GiB
    Duration : 1 h 23 min
    Overall bit rate mode : Variable
    Overall bit rate : 4 110 kb/s
    Writing application : Lavf55.43.100

    ID : 1
    Format : AVC
    Format/Info : Advanced Video Codec
    Format profile : Baseline@L3.2
    Format settings : 2 Ref Frames
    Format settings, CABAC : No
    Format settings, RefFrames : 2 frames
    Codec ID : avc1
    Codec ID/Info : Advanced Video Coding
    Duration : 1 h 23 min
    Bit rate : 3 985 kb/s
    Width : 1 280 pixels
    Height : 720 pixels
    Display aspect ratio : 16:9
    Frame rate mode : Variable
    Frame rate : 60.000 FPS
    Minimum frame rate : 58.824 FPS
    Maximum frame rate : 62.500 FPS
    Color space : YUV
    Chroma subsampling : 4:2:0
    Bit depth : 8 bits
    Scan type : Progressive
    Bits/(Pixel*Frame) : 0.072
    Stream size : 2.31 GiB (97%)
    Color range : Limited
    Color primaries : BT.709
    Transfer characteristics : BT.709
    Matrix coefficients : BT.709

    ID : 2
    Format : AAC
    Format/Info : Advanced Audio Codec
    Format profile : LC
    Codec ID : mp4a-40-2
    Duration : 1 h 23 min
    Bit rate mode : Variable
    Bit rate : 112 kb/s
    Maximum bit rate : 114 kb/s
    Channel(s) : 2 channels
    Channel positions : Front: L R
    Sampling rate : 44.1 kHz
    Frame rate : 43.066 FPS (1024 SPF)
    Compression mode : Lossy
    Stream size : 66.5 MiB (3%)
    Default : Yes
    Alternate group : 1

  • Long videos don't perform well in HitFilm, and yours is just a few minutes shy of 90 minutes.  You'll need to break it into smaller chunks via transcoding, which you can learn more about here:


    There are several tools mentioned in that video that you can use to transcode your footage. I only know about MPEG Streamclip, but it's got a batch process feature that would come in really handy in this case, allowing you to mark sections of your video that you want to export as individual files, then kick off the batch process and let the program do its thing.

    I'm normally pretty conservative with my exports, and don't export chunks longer than 5 minutes, but you might be able to get away with larger chunks like 10 or 15 minutes.  It'll take some trial and error to find the sweet spot so that you don't have an excessive number of files to deal with, but still give HitFilm something that is easier to digest.

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    Also note that your footage is Variable Frame Rate. You'll get better performance in HitFilm if you convert to Constant Frame Rate in the transcode. See video.

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