Can't drag everything on Timeline, why?

So I have a 40 minute video, but then decided to create a 10 minute intro audio which I now want to add to the beginning of the video.

But when I highlight everything to drag it down 10 minutes, it won't let me, as I drag everything to the right I can see it moving, but then when I let go left mouse button it pops back into the same place.

What am I doing wrong?  How can I drag everything in Video and Audio to the right 10 minutes?

Thank you :)


  • @Yeremyah hold Shift when dropping your intro on the timeline and everything should shift right.

  • Wow, that is so helpful, I had no idea about that, thank you so much @CedricBonnier :)

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    @CedricBonnier , in Express 4, the hold shift and drag mp4 file into timeline worked perfectly and aligned itself with the beginning of the current start of project in timeline.

    However, in Express 2017, I had to remove the current mp4 file from start, and want to drag a new mp4 that is a bit longer duration by about 5 minutes, into the current timeline.

    But now the current project shifts to the right further than it's supposed to, by about 10 minutes, leaving a 10 minute blank gap between the current project and the newly dragged mp4 file. I assume it's because of that gap there after I removed the mp4 file that HitFilm thinks it must push past when dragging a new mp4 file?

    How can I remove that 10 minute free gap now?

    Any suggestions please?

  • Right click, ripple delete gap.

  • @Palacono you are awesome! :)  Cheers.

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