Pasting Keyframes From Mocha Extremely Slow

I track something in Mocha, then export the composite shot with scale,position and rotation data. When I paste the keyframes from that CS into my point in my main CS, HF becomes unresponsive for something like 30 seconds. Sometimes it just crashes. Even in very simple projects (just one video clip and one point). I have a six core CPU, 32 Gig memory, SSDs and a Nvidia 1070, so I guess my hardware is not the problem. Anyone having these same issues?


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    Yes, I've experienced pasting, or deleting, lots of keyframes being slow on occasion.

    You don't say how long the shot is, but the more there are the bigger the delay.

    Crashing is not something I've experienced, so you may have reached a tipping point; depending on how many keyframes there are, so it might be worth contacting Support here:

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Ireground @Palacono out of curiosity, why are you cutting and pasting the keys to another point? I usually just parent my whatever to the point(s) mocha spits out. 

    No right or wrong to either method, just a workflow preference. Usually if I've tracked, I'm animating whatever element I'm adding, so I parent the element to the mocha point so I have freedom to animate. 

  • yes, me too. copy&paste from mocha-layer-keyframes to a new layer (plane, point, text, mask, particle-path etc.) is a " long coffebreak" with "hitfilm do not react anymore" window. 

    triem23...  parrenting mask? you must copy&paste the keyframes

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Or, for a roto mask, I use what mocha spits out as a "Set Matte" source. If you're cutting and pasting masks, I can see why its taking forever. That's much more complex than position data! 

  • @Triem23 I Cut'n'Paste paste points when tracking.

    As Apply to New Point is broken...hang on, need to go check if it was fixed in HFP2017 update #4...nope, still broken, see bugs #18, #32 and #44 for examples.

    So, for Frame Accurate tracking, you need to cut'n'paste the points directly from the tracker to the New Point, or it puts random points at  subframe positions that do not give you the correct coordinate at the frame position itself. Video for bug #44 demonstrates this most clearly.

    Don't know why/if you'd do it with mocha data, but points had been very slow for me before (Bug #26) in HFP4, but I haven't checked to see if that's been fixed in HFP2017.

  • It shouldn't crash for sure, so please report that to support, but when it comes to improving the performance of keyframe manipulation, this is something we're aiming to improve.

  • I'm on Pro 2017,latest version (I forgot to mention that) and even with short clips (30 seconds or less) the wait is at least 30 seconds. @Triem, I guess the method you're recommending is to bring my clip into the exported CS from Mocha instead of bringing  the tracked points into a new CS with the clip, but one way or the other, whenever I have to cut, paste, delete points it usually takes forever.

    @Josh, it might have crashed because I was tired of waiting after a few times and I clicked somewhere (everything becomes white and then crashes). But anyway, it's still too long to be usable.

  • @Ireground ; @JoshDaviesCEO won't have seen your message as you didn't use his full name (he will see this one, though ;) ), but however it's crashing, report how/when it does and it can be looked into.

  • AdyAdy Staff

    @Ireground - Do let us know if you've found an issue, I haven't seen a Support Ticket from you? Is the problem resolved?

  • Incidentally, when the program goes blank and you get a Windows dialog saying if you want to quit the program because it is not responding, it is not a crash. HitFilm takes a long time to do an operation and the OS sees that the application is not responsive and offers the user the ability to kill it.

    As Josh said, we are investigating why copying & pasting lots of keyframes is slow.

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