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Hi, I've recently started recording a "lets play" video game series featuring me playing through a video game from beginning to end through multiple episodes on youtube. I noticed my audio was out of sync around 5 seconds around the end of my vid after I had already uploaded to youtube. I figured youtube may have messed it up since the video was 50 min long. I just recorded and rendered the 3rd episode (1hr 3min long) in HitFilm 4 Express and before I uploaded it to youtube I checked around the ending to see if maybe Hitfilm knocked the audio out of sync and low and behold it did. Its about 5 seconds out of sync and starts around the ending part of the video. Am I doing something wrong or missing something? If I can provide any information that would help answer this let me know. I'll leave a few basic details here to start off with.


EVGA GTX 1060 super clocked

8 gb RAM

i3 processor

win 8.1        :(

Video was recorded through NVIDIA (whatever their recording software is that comes standard with GeForce Experience)

Video was exported through the mp4 tab

video was recorded and rendered both in 1080p 60fps.

bit rate of the video recording was 50 mbps

when rendered I set the target to 50.71 mbps and the max rate to 55.463 mbps. They match picture/video wise looks great.

audio was recorded a bit rate of 198 kpbs, Channels 2 (stereo), audio sample rate 48 kHz

Audio was rendered in AAC 192 kbps (the default I think)


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