Given my computer specs, will overclocking my graphics card help me?

I'm running Hitfilm Express on Windows 10.  Here's my machine :

i7  |  32GB RAM  |  ASUS  Z97c mobo | ASUS GTX 760 graphics card

Will overclocking my graphics card help me? I'm doing motion graphics -- not 3D -- using very few effects, and yet when I'm  in a composite shot it's slow-going when I scrub the timeline.  If I back down the Preview to "half" that does help the speed.  Would overclocking allow me to scrub at Full quality?

Here's the  info on the graphics card:

I'm hesitant to try it because I'm just to busy. Does anyone have experience with this?



  • Overclocking is  going to boost performance by however lucky you got with the silicon lottery. xD

    In general I don't recommend it unless you know how to do it, because you don't want it to throttle while working.

  • You say motion graphics, so all working with PNG and PLANES masked? No encoded media? If you have video in it at all, that can be an issue. Otherwise try using embedded comp shots to see if you can proxy them.

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