Latest distraction from VFX work - Ardunio developement

So as if my free time was not short enough, I have decided to try and learn something new. I have fancyed for sometime to get involved in some Arduino dev. So I have myself an Arduino R3 uno and a r3 Nano and a starter kit.

My plan is to build a mini control system for my 2nd camper van build (still in design phase). The system needs to be able to report on water tank levels, temps, external camera feed and voltage on my batteries.

Hopefully I can enjoy both and given this project is a slow burn it should all be good.

If anyone knows of any good Arduino forums then drop me a shot.



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    I know no forums, but interesting project! 

  • Sounds like fun project. I'm a big fan of Arduino and have made several projects with it. The best thing about Arduino is that there are libraries for almost any chip/sensor/module you can think of.

  • Maybe jumping ahead of myself here, but one of the challanges I can see in the future is moving the project away from the breadboard and onto a PCB for mounting in a box of somesort. I like the idea of a touch screen to control the unit, but I may start with good old press buttons. If I did go down the screen route I had already thought that Hitfilm would come in handy for the GUI and onscreen animations. Hmmm does Hitfilm resolution go down to 240x360 pixels I wonder.

  • Aladdin4dAladdin4d Moderator

    @Andy001z If you're going to start cranking out custom PCB's you might want to invest in one of these if they are available in your area:

    Then get the mod kit for it to use the toner transfer method

    Even if you don't want to use the toner transfer method a good laminator is still handy for applying photo-resist to a board. I got two of these laminators off ebay, one for $22.00 and the other for $30.01, and they're pretty bullet proof.



  • I know of no forums for general Arduino programming.

    I have done some Arduino programming, but all of that was related to the Camera Axe control unit which is based on Arduino. The Axe forum was all related to the Axe unit and sensors. The Axe firmware is openly available.

    Still, looking at the Axe + the sensors they offer and how they control/manipulate them in the firmware might be of some use.

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