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I worked on a project for about three months now and put in countless hours of work. Now all of a sudden I cant open the project file anymore. Is there anything I can do? Not sure if it's corrupted, I am by no means an expert on this, but I guess it might be. 


  • That happened to me in my early HitFilm days, so I empathise with you :(

    I learned from experience to have foresight now, I continue to make new saves throughout my project, so I usually end up with 100 project saves, because if something goes wrong with a save, I simply load the one before it.

    Sorry to hear of your issue :(  I personally was never able to get that corrupted save to load.  Hopefully you can.

    All the best.

  • Well that's terrible I guess  Since I was about 90% there with around 40 composite shots... Luckily I exported at 80%, last other save i had  was 15 Composites,  so the exported version left me with a lot to work with. Now I'm going to have to give up on some of the stuff I wanted to continue to improve but maybe it's a blessing in disguise so I don't keep being nitpicky ;) I appreciate the response

  • Sorry to hear about this :(

    All the best, and remember for future, save, save, save.

    But wait till others comment, someone else may know of a way to fix this.  I was never able to myself though once a save was "corrupted".

  • Have you contacted Hitfilm support on this? They might be able to cleanup the project file enough for you to open. I am not sure if they will do./try this but it does not hurt to ask.

    I could give this a look if you upload the project file in a ZIP somewhere I can DL. You can PM a link if you don't want to post it publically.

    I had this happen once before and I was able to edit the XML and fix the problem. The problem was related to multiple comps open on the timeline. I removed the open comps.

    If the file is truly corrupt you could be in trouble, especially if it is some unreliability on the system. 

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    Good on you @NormanPCN , hope you can help @LevinSchoenSchoepke

    Upload the save file and I can also try to load it here, if I can, I can save it and upload to you, may work, stranger things have happened :P Unless you PRO, then I cannot help :(

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