Hitfilm no longer shares audio between timeline and editor

Sorry for the absolute deluge of questions, but I have recently come across an issue. For my project, I have put the main music I am using in my editor timeline. When I add a clip, to create a composite shot, no matter what I do the composite shot will take the audio from the original clip, rather than the timeline. I have tried deleting the audio from the original clip, and then linking it to the audio in the editor timeline, but it still doesnt work. I have fiddled with all of the "create composite shot" settings, but still no results. I do recall that asking hitfilm to take the properties from the editor timeline takes the audio from the timeline, but this no longer works for some reason, and I do not know what I have done.

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  • Hitfilm never takes audio from the NLE timeline into a composite shot when using the make composite shot feature on the NLE timeline.

    If the media you create a comp from the NLE timeline has audio the comp will have that audio. This happens even if the NLE timeline clip is not linked to its audio. Video only. Even if you have unlinked video, and link separate audio to the video clip and then choose make composite shot, only the audio from the video clip will be used.

    In other words, Make composite shot never takes audio from the NLE timeline, ever. If a NLE timeline clip is from media that has audio then the comp will have that audio. It is not possible to have a composite shot without audio. If a media file in a comp has audio and you don't want the audio you have to mute the media layer audio.

  • Ok, thanks, I have decided to just export the video and the audio unedited, that way, making a composite shot will take the song I am editing!

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    Or make the composite and then "unlink" the audio when you return to the NLE timeline, then select just the audio and delete, leaving only the video from the comp.

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