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It's possible that I am missing something.


With exports, after selecting item I would like to export, Hitfilm sends me to the export page.  On the export page, the Current export  codec defaults to the  last used codec, Meaning that if I had used a  Cineform codec as my last codec,  Hitfilm assumes that I would like to use this codec again. and sets up the render string displaying the "name"+ .AVI.  If my intention is to now use a You tube type  render, and I select it from the option on the right, the export codec does not change.  I must delete this entry from the queue and go back and re-select the item for export render.



Every time I  use a lut, Hitfilm sends me to the desktop. So each time I have to select the proper drive, main Lut directory followed  sub directory.  This is proving  to be quite tiresome while experimenting with a long list of luts. 


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    @BobDiMarzio ;

    I not sure but there's a little click on thing after the type of export that opens up a list of the types displayed on the right and you can select the new type you want there on the left.  The same is true of the export location.  You click on it to open a dialog and select a different folder or location.  @Triem23 posted a hitfilm uni on exporting that probably gives better instruction.  Look in the info below  his video for the time code and it should take you to the right spot.

    About LUTS I am lost as last Sunday's Easter egg...

  • Export. Does this help.

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    Yes thanks Norm. I was using the table on the right to set the export parameters.  I see  the method you present , allows for codec changes on the fly.

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    You can also drag and drop export presets to unstarted export tasks.

    The default export preset to use for new tasks is marked with a tick - you can change this by double clicking it or from the right click menu.

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    "You can also drag and drop export presets to unstarted export tasks."

    Wow... I learn something new every day.

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    @Danny77uk Thanks!

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