Choppy footage, sound very unclear

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Every time i make an edit of my MP4 footage, it takes nearly 10 minutes to be able to watch the video and hear the sound correctly. I am new to editing and am assuming it is re-rendering after the editing but i don't understand why it takes so long, my CPU and Ram usage is minimal. It also seems to lose responsiveness during this time.

I'm running a i7 7700k, 32gb 3200 ram, and a GTX 1060 3GB. Any suggestions how i can improve this?

The footage is recorded in 1080p 60fps


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    You should set preview mode to Start/End or None. By default it is set to full and causes the problem you described.

    To set it, go to the bottom of your tracks in the timeline. There is a zoom slider there. Right next to it, you'll see a triangle. Click it, then click Preview mode and either select None, or Start/End.

  • In addition to what BluesAdam stated you might find that transcoding to an easier to edit format can improve things dramatically. MP4 files typically contain AVC/H.264 video encoded in a high overhead format. Lowering the decode overhead helps.

  • NormanPCN So, thanks for the info and this made me think in what file type should I record my videos so I wanted to have your advice on this.

    I am recording gameplay videos, using OBS Studio. OBS Studio allows the following video formats: "flv, mov, mp4, mkv, ts and m3u8". It only have x264 as a choice for encoder though.

    So, does file format matter if I only have the x264 encoder option or is there another option? Thanks for your brilliant advices and answers so far and I am waiting for your response.

  • @BluesAdam With OBS and using the x264 encoder option you can directly generate fast decode AVC files. Dubbed Norman AVC. The transcode thread has details of those settings. Just use an MP4 container. For audio just use AAC. I don't have OBS installed anymore so I can't look at their settings dialog right now.

    x264 is an encoder for the AVC/H.264 video format.

    In OBS be sure to check the constant frame rate option. Constant frame rate is necessary for editing.

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    @NormanPCN ;So I've been doing the right thing. AAC for audio, mp4 as file format and x264. Constant 30fps frame rate as well.

    Thanks for clearing that up ;)

    Lately, I am not trying to advertise my channel, please don't take this wrong but, could you check the latest video I've uploaded and give your comment regarding the video quality? Here's the link, thank you in advance.

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