White Circle with red line - Shadowplay Overlay (Resolved)

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I just noticed this on the lower right side of the screen  depending where I place  the mouse it is either there or not.  It's possible that it was always there and I did not notice.   


Never mind.  After relentless investigations (and noticing that it was not limited to Hit Film) , I found a link showing  that the little round Ikon was related to Nvidia Shadow play issues. Since I have never used shadow play it was rather confusing.  Possibly it started after the most recent Nvidia driver.  Since it does not appear to affect Hit Film,  I will ignore it if I see it again.  I was able to remove it by disabling Shadow play in Task Manager.


  • That is the Nvidia status indicator. Even if Shadowplay/sharing is enabled you control the existence and position of these indicators. Look at the HUD layout settings. Make sure status indicator and the others are set to off.

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    Thanks Norman!

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