[Bug] Combining specific Audio Effects causes a Crash every time

Ok. So, what I just replicated a few times is this issue:

I applied the Audio effect "Telephone", followed by "Shortwave Radio" and after that applied the "Cathedral" effect. So far so good. Then when I want to listen to the audio, HitFilm crashes. Just tried this 4 times and each time this bug was replicable.

I wonder if it's because one of the effects is derived from another or something, as this is a common issue I frequently encounter with other effects, but I forgot to report those.


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    Ok. Next problem: Applying "Telephone" effect first, then "Large Room" causes a crash. If this action is reversed, e.g. applying "Large Room" first, it doesn't crash.

  • Seems to be a general problem with Audio effects. I can create crash after crash by just shifting effects in the order and/or adding/removing effects.

    So many crashes that it makes me wanna stay away from Audio effects entirely...

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    Hmmm... I'll see if I can recreate this next time I am on my PC. 

    Out of curiosity, try removing Telephone and add EQ. Cut anything below 1khz and above 4khz and boost what's left. Should be close to the telephone effect, and, with luck, it's more stable for you. 

  • @Triem23 You mean Equalizer? Well, I was just playing around, trying to replicate the audio effect from 1940s movies for a project. Any idea how to do that? All those crashes honestly frustrated me too much to keep fiddling with effects.

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    Yeah, I meant Equalizer. For a 1940's tone EQ will help. Try pulling out all frequencies below about 200Hz and everything above 6 or 8Khz with a little boost around 1Khz (not on my computer, don't remember the exact band frequencies). That will simulate the limited frequency range of old mag-tape. 

    While not optimal you could export audio, edit that in Audacity and re-import into Hitfilm. 

    Hitfilm University episode 02 covers how to kinda get audio only from Hitfilm. Episode 07 covers setting up Audacity to recognize video files to extract audio. 

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