Is there a plug-in / code for Hitfilm that just randomizes your footage and auto-edits your clips?

You know: Something like Magisto or Muvee

(don't hit me! I am just thinking: this could be a very useful feature if it came with more options and effects!

For when the projects need a hell of multitasking  and coffee !)

Serious question.


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Short answer. Nope. 

  • do you plan on adding something like this?

  • So I'm confused. Can't think of ANY reason I would want this. You can always drag any clips you want into the time line in any order. 

  • do you plan on adding something like this?

    @Doctopus Unless you see a "Staff" label next to someone's name in their post, we're all just users and volunteer mods.

    Like @CowboyBob, I don't see this being a very likely future feature given the direction that HitFilm is going.  Still, the folks at FXHOME are open to suggestions.  Feel free to make a request in this forum thread.

  • @jsbarrett @CowboyBob there are people who would want such a feature, especially considering the existence of Magistro and Muvee.

    There's also a script-based plug in called "Mayhem" for Vegas Pro that just scrambles video clips and adds random effects from a list.  Also in Vegas, the Slideshow modules in Ultimate S, Vegasaur and Excalibur allow randomization of video and picture clips.

    I've even used such features. Can be useful if you need a quick, frenetic sequence and you don't actually need tightly structured story. It's limited used, but there is precedent.

    @Doctopus as Jsbarret says, Moderators aren't FXHOME Staff. We have no clue what's in the pipeline. Even if we DID know something, that Non-disclosure Agreement means we can't talk about it anyways. FXHOME (like most vendors) won't discuss new features until they're locked in and ready to go live. Usually on release day.

    So, best advice was already given by Jsbarret--add a request to the Wishlist thread. This is what the devs look at regularly, so it's the best place to suggest (and "+1") new features. 

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