Text line space won't change

Hey guys,

I have here a specific problem. I've wanted to change my text line space via the text panel in the viewer. I've marked what I wanted to change and edit the space in the panel but nothing happens. Don't know whats wrong.


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    I have a similar issue which I think has the same root cause. I notice that if I start to increase the line space then nothing happens until I reach a value of about 26. This presumably means that even though I have the line spacing set to zero, it's actually 26. How do I make it actually zero or any other number below 26?

    The screenshot below shows the lies we're being fed by FXHome! Wake up !

    Edit: also, can negative numbers be applied to get lines to overlap?

  • From my experience (on the Mac version, if that makes any difference), line spacing set to a value that's equal to or smaller than the point size of the font will have the same effect as setting the value to "Auto."  You have to increase it to a value larger than the font's point size if you want to increase spacing.  So in your example, with a font set to 19 pixels high, any line spacing value higher than 19 should work. 

    Getting smaller line spacing can't be done with the line spacing tool.  You have to make individual text objects and move them closer together.  Here's hoping future text tool updates fix this issue.

  • Plus text too large for the text box doesn't show up at all. Not cropped, or partially drawn, just invisible.  

    Confusing if you made a big text box with big text, then make a smaller text box, because the font size will be as it was left before: too big to draw. So,  no text until you stretch the box, select the text, shrink the font size, then resize the text box back down. 

  • @THX1139 "The screenshot below shows the lies we're being fed by FXHome! Wake up !"

    That's a bold statement.

    @jsbarrett I've seen the same behavior on Windows. Line spacing larger than the font size spec will increase the line spacing. Anything below the font size (approx) is clamped at the default/auto setting.


    I guess line spacing in the native Hitfilm text could have been defined as a relative number as it seems to be absolute. Really it should be relative. Other apps use relative spacing. I doubt Hitfilm will change to relative because that will break backwards compatibility.

    In relative, 1.0 could be default/auto leading. 0.0 is no leading. 1.5 is 1.5x default/auto leading. Boris uses 0.0 as default leading. They have a funky -500..500 scale.

  • Is it not possible to change to relative in a way to conserve backward compatibility? Like in the Hitfilm save file, it will just call it something different to indicate that it's relative and Hitfilm 2018 files could not be opened in Hitfilm 2017 or something but vice versa would still be okay.

  • "Is it not possible to change to relative in a way to conserve backward compatibility? "

    Yes. FxHome does assign a version number to all their video object/clip/layers. Looking at Text, it is currently at version 7.

    So a version 8 could be relative for leading. New stuff created would only be 8. Reading an old project file could read version 7 and it would know how to act differently for the "leading" property of old versions.

    How can you tell the difference between and old and new text layer. There is no text label in the UI. User would likely bitch about how one text layer acts differently than others.

    There is also the possibility of translating a V7 to V8. But this can have problems in that the translation may not be pixel accurate. A warning could suffice and you would have to double check every text object. Users would likely complain mightily about that.

    They could add a check box that marks leading as relative or absolute in a new version. New stuff could default to relative. The default for old stuff, where the check option does not exist, would be absolute.


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