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    I also have the same problem, original .mov files from my iphone wont be recognized.  Even when converted with VLC some clips will flash then completely turn pink. Also, in some cases the clip will be cut to the proper place but during play back the clip will start from a different location. 

    I would still be amazing if someone could find out a way to directly add these .mov files in to HITfilm express 3

    What i have done so far:

    updated quicktime

    uninstalled and reinstalled HitFilm

    installed AvidCodecsLE 

    Sidenote: if i scroll through the clip the video plays perfect but if when i press play it turns pink

  • Have you guys directly contacted our support team?

    When you do, it would be useful to include an example file which is not importing correctly so that we can test it. Thanks!

  • @justsimple - iphone video could be variable frame rate so when you convert you need to make sure you're converting to a constant frame rate otherwise all kinds of weird things can happen. Handbrake seems to be the tool of choice for converting phone video,

  • I hope this topic hasn't been dropped yet because it is very frustrating. I have read all of the discussion above and have tried everything. (Including as it says Re-downloading HitFilm) First of all I am running  Windows 10. So I cannot update or get QuickTime. (Unless someone has a way to do it, I would highly appreciate it.) I need to import MOV files to HitFilm and am not sure if  I need QuickTime to do it. If anyone has any solutions above please help, thanks.

  • .mov is the Quicktime format. So yes, you need to have Quicktime installed in order to work with those files. I have seen instructions around the web for installing Quicktime under Windows 10, but I've not tried any of them myself.


  • I would suggest something to FxHome/Hitfilm with regards to Quicktime MOV files. At least with Qt files containing AVC video and PCM/AAC audio FxHome should bypass Quicktime and decode those files directly. Hitfilm has native decoders  for these. This covers all DSLR type video. This is a big an important marketplace. Sony Vegas does this bypass of Quicktime for these files.

    There are good reasons to do so. You avoid any and ALL Quicktime interaction quirks and problems. Like the number of open files issue among others. You take control of the situation directly. You are not at someone else mercy.

  • @WalkerShippy The instructions here have worked a few people on this forum to get Quicktime installed on Windows 10

  • so whats the point of hitfilm express 3 for free ,when you cant get quicktime for windows 8, it doesn't take mpeg2 useless

  • You can get Quicktime for Windows 8, its only the brand new Windows 10 that Quicktime doesn't support yet. 

    HitFilm 3 Express also supports video files in  AVI, M2T, M2TS,  MP4 (AVC/H264 & AAC), MTS, MXF (DVCPro HD), DV, HDV, WMV, so you do have a wide variety of other options to choose form.  Also, you can add support for Mpeg2 video, and any variations on AVCHD that use Dolby audio, with the Premium Formats add-on pack in the HitFilm Store.

  • @Hitfilmer57341 As Axel notes, HF3 Express imports many other formats. Including MPEG-2 (with the Premium Formats add-on).

    I point out that it's certainly not FxHome's fault that Quicktime isn't Windows 10 compliant... Or that Quicktime for Windows is only 32-bit. That would be the fault of... APPLE.

    Sheesh, it's almost like Apple is the kind of company that tries to keep everything proprietary, and offers poor support for anything that wasn't purchased from Apple to begin with!

    There are also several free software options that can convert Quicktime files into other formats, including Handbrake, VirtualDub and Mpeg Streamclip.

    (I will be snotty and flat-out say to anyone reading this who upgraded to Window 10 in 2015, you screwed up, kids! History has shown that any new Microsoft Operating System should be ignored until it's been out for a year. Until then, it's just not ready to go. Other companies are still adjusting their software for the new OS, and, hey, FxHome doesn't list Windows 10 as a compliant OS for Hitfilm 3 Pro OR Express! Kind of like how when Windows Vista launched, no printer in the world worked with it for six months. If you upgraded, you goofed, and that's on you. End of snottiness.)

  • Yup, Quicktime outside of an Apple platform can be a minefield one has to navigate.

    To quote David Newman of Cineform, "This might be beating a dead horse, but QuickTime truly sucks."

    The article if you want the details.

  • i have downloaded Quicktime but is there some way to activate it or something because i still cant use mov files?

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    I am still having this problem. I am using the latest HF4 2/4  release. I installed QuickTime Pro. I uninstalled HF, rebooted, reinstalled HF 4 and upon startup tells me to install QT in order to import MOV files. It will not allow my MOV files that I took from my iPhone 6 to be imported. I really need to be able to do this.

    Any ideas why this is such an issue??

    Thanks! Other than this, I am having a blast with HF!


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    My problem with MOV files just fixed itself... After a couple more reboots, it seems to have resolved... I can pull them in and edit no problem...


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    Hello. I am also having the same issue with importing .MOV files.

    I did get that same apple quicktime pop-up and did download the latest version of Quicktime but still getting same error.  Any updates?

  • I have installed the latest quicktime app from apple
    but why can't i seem to import videos to hitfilm 4 pro???

  • Did you restart your computer after installing Quicktime?

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    I just changed the file extension of the iphone .mov file to .mp4 and reimported it to Hitfilm express. The file seemed then work ok

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    Also what are your suggestions now that quicktime for windows is no longer supported by apple and is open to huge security issues?

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    Ehhh, not a big issue. It's not an issue for local use at all. The technical discussion can be found here:


  • But what about the security issue with Quicktime? Apparently your supposed to uninstall it. Help?

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    @Hfun12 to sum up, the "security issues" with Quicktime can only possibly occur via web code. Now, first of all, websites don't embed videos with Quicktime much anymore--everything is flv or html5. Second, so all one has to do is go into one's web browsers, and turn off/disable any Quicktime plug-in for that browser. 

    "Problem" solved. 

    Third, this has been a known security issue since 2011. Security holes in software like Internet Explorer are far worse than anything in Quicktime. Funny... It's almost like the US government suddenly started screaming "uninstall Quicktime!" as petty revenge over Apple refusing to hack its own security and give the FBI a "back door key..." Especially since this so-called security hole can be easily fixed by turning off Quicktime on your web browser. 

    But, you know, getting everyone to remove Quicktime would deny millions access to the videos they've shot on DSLRs and any other camera that records mov files causing mass outcry to camera makers forcing them to change file formats, thus hurting Apple... 

    Some people in US govt. employ are petty little pricks. 

  • Unrelated to do with the main point of this thread but as the topic has also covered .mov file name extensions, I'll add this> I've noticed that when I import a .mov onto my iMac using the iMac's photo app import option the extension part of the name gets changed to .m0v making the file unable to be opened until I right click and rename it.

  • I use an iphone to record my windows and then import them into windows 10 but they are always .mov and when i import they wont

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    @DylanDarity you will need Quicktime on your system. Also, there isva program called MediaInfo. It's free. You'll want to download this and use it to look at your video. 

    You're checking "CODEC." I'm going to guess your video is h.265. Hitfilm doesn't support h.265,so you'll have to use free software like Handbrake to convert to h.264. 

    This thread has information on how to transcode in Handbrake.

  • hi I have a problem namely I have Windows and program after importing files in MOV format shows me,, file is not supported '' have QuickTime Playe in version 7.7.9 will most likely

  • Hello, I seem to be having trouble importing MVI Video Files from a Canon T5i, and I can't seem to figure out why. I know this is an old thread, but any help would be greatly appreciated!

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    I have Windows 10, and as I understand it, there isn't Quicktime for Win 10. However, I have converted the filed I want into .avi. It still isn't working, is there something I'm doing wrong?

    I'm also installing Movavi. I'll let you know if it works.

    EDIT: I used YTD to convert the files to MP4s instead. The only issue is that the transparency is now red. Although it kinda was the whole time it seems.

  • Hi I've been having the same trouble as the first comment I can't import .mvi or .mov files. 

    Quicktime Version 7.7.9 (1680.95.84)

    Codec: H.264, 1920x1080, Millions 16-bit integer (Little Endian), Mono, 44.100 kHz

    Computer Specs: Windows 10, 64 bit. 465GB SSD

  • Looks like I have the same error like Dean Wright IN 2013 :(


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