Startup Error: Need to install Latest Drivers. Nvidia Version 381.65

I have installed the latest Nvidia driver for my PC, Version 381.65. 
Unfortunately, HitFilm 4 Express says that my computer does not meet the minimum requirements and to install the latest driver for my graphics card. I have had no issues like this in the past. I have been using HitFilm 4 Express for almost a year now. How can I resolve this issue?


  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Several other users are reporting issues after this week's Nvidia update. Try rolling back the latest driver. I think Nvidia goofed something in 381.65.

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    Just for informational purposes.  I updated my Nvidia drivers yesterday to 381.65 and so far so good.  Just checked my HItfilm out with one of the presets from inScapeDigital that uses volumetrics and such and it was smooth previewing. Don't mean it won't act up when I try to do something else though, but here's hoping...

    Note:  JUst noticed the forum this was under is Express.  I goofed.  I'm using Pro 2017.  Don't know that it could make a difference but thought I'd mention it.

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    @tddavis I'm fine on the latest Nvidia drivers as well. You on Windows 7 like me? 

    All users with issues on current Nvidia drivers also did Windows 10 Updates this week. There's a high probability Microsoft screwed up again. Yet another reason I'm still glad to be on Windows 7, not Windows 10.

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     I should have said that I'm on Windows 8.1. I'll look to rollback the update and see how it goes.
    {Edit: 10:34PM EST}
    The Rollback Worked, Thank You

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    Win 8.1? Just pretend I went full David Tennant Doctor Who here:

    I'm sorry. I'm so, so sorry. 

  • FWIW I have Windows 10 Home, all updates, Nvidia driver 381.65 (GTX 980). No issues in Pro 2017 for what I have done since these updates. A  quick test of Express seems to be okay. Don't use Express so not much of a test really.

    I never really have Windows problems. So I am one of those guys. I have rolled back new GPU drivers once or twice in the past. That was issue(s) in Vegas.

    The last Windows 10 update did show an Explorer crash displaying recently used file(s) in Quick access. Clearing the cache and/or turning that option off cleared that issue up. An application opening a common file dialog could encounter this issue.

  • @Triem23  No, I'm running Win 10.  But it was an upgrade from 8.1.  I'm not sure if that's why I have dodge the issues others have had or not.

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