Can you put proxy / rendered files in to an external Hard Disk?


I am currently using Hitfilm 4 express on my MacBook pro (2015 13" 8GB RAM, 256 GB Storage, 60 GB available),  on my current project the files are really laggy and I want to make proxies but I'm scared that it might use all of my internal storage(since I have 60 GB left)

Is it possible to have the proxy files go into my external hard disk instead of my internal storage?


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    This video will show you where the proxy directory settings are (at about 6:50)

    Now--here's your caveats:

    1) Proxy files in Hitfilm are required to be in the specific directory set in the Options menu. Proxy files are also locked to a specific project and computer. This means that you really need to make certain that the external drive is connected and has the same drive letter assigned before you open Hitfilm, every single time. Otherwise, you'll be directing Hitfilm to look for a non-existent directory.

    2) Proxy files are huge things--they are lossless, full quality files intended for final output. That had better be a fast (7200RPM) USB 3.0 drive, or you'll absolutely bottleneck the system.

    3) All that said, I don't actually know if it will work, but at least you have the information to set it up and try. General advice: Redirect the proxy directory to the external drive, create a quick test project with something like a 10-second comp with a plane and some animated fractal noise. Save it, reboot the computer, and reopen Hitfilm. If it works, you're good to go. If it doesn't, at least you didn't waste time on a "real" project.


  • I can't find the options menu button on Hitfilm, I am using Hitfilm 4 Express. 

    Thanks for the reply though, soon I'll get my Hard Drive and test it out.

  • Ohhh, And one more question:

    Could I delete the proxies on the external hard drive whenever I want to?

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    The Options Menu is in the same place in Hitfilm 4 Express as in Hitfilm 2017 which is shown at 3:50 in the above video (Trust me, that video covers every, single thing in the interface, and is accurate for Hitfilm 4 and 2017).

    The Options Menu for proxies has the option to clear the proxy directory whenever you want. Individual proxy files should be cleared from inside their respective projects (Files in the proxy directory have long strings of random characters for names, so good luck trying to figure out which proxy goes to which project by filename). You can always delete proxy files directly from the hard drive. I actually just did that myself. It won't cause any problems for Hitfilm.

    @CedricBonnier since you've been on here in the last 20 minutes, I'll see if you're around. If Chillzero redirects the proxy directory to an external drive, and the drive is fast enough (and has a good enough USB 3.0 connection) is there any software reason why the proxy directory can't be on external drive, or is it just at the mercy of the actual throughput?

  •  I can't find it:

     My Workspace


  •  Ohh wait never mind I found it, I had to go into it's preferences :) Thanks!

  • @ChillZero I see you've solved your issue. The File menu that @Triem23 is talking about has been added to the Mac version in 2017 so it's not in Express (yet).

    There is no problem changing the proxy directory to another drive however I would recommend setting it to an internal drive if possible as you are less likely to unplug it. Saying that, it could be set to an external USB drive or even a network drive; as long as it's accessible when you launch HitFilm you should not have issues. HitFilm Proxy files being large files, playing them back requires you to have a good transfer rate to said disk.

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    @CedricBonnier well, I didn't know the Preferences menu was in a different place on MAC. However, since you've implied it will be in the same place in Express 2017 (whenever that comes out), I won't feel an immediate need to go update my tutorials today. ;-)

    Otherwise, thanks for confirming that there's no inherent reason Proxies can't be configures for a non-local drive. I'll file that away in case the question comes up again.

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    @Triem23  @CedricBonnier Thanks for all of this info, I guess I'll be getting an external hard disk soon and Thanks for replying!

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