Talking Animals??

How in the world can I make a animals mouth move, like if they were talking, but exactly, how I need them to talk, not like, just recording them then speaking with their mouth movements, I need to control it!

Thanks in advance :)


  • Are you working in Express or Pro?

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    @HIS_Films  As I understand it from DVD extras on such movies, if the animal is a real live critter they use some type of modeling software to recreate the animals mouth CG-wise and morphing through speech patterns that approximate the way we humans move our mouths to shape words.  If you watch extremely close in some of these example movie types you can sort of see the coloration difference where model and mammal meet.  All in all, it must be a very labor intensive process.  But I am no expert; just what I've pieced together to understand the process. Now, in the olden days when I was little (like when Mister Ed ran on TV not in reruns!) they used a thing mono-filament wire attached to his mouth to pull his lip around when he was supposed say something.  Not very creature friendly and no way it would be allowed today.  

  • Here is a cool tutorial from Zach King about this (he is using After Affects, but the concepts apply)

    You may not have mocha, so some tracking/rotoscoping in Hitfilm is required, but this tutorial came to mind when I saw this thread.

  • ttdavis, I know what I want to do is something very hard, but I'm going to try! :)

    DIY_Film_Guy Thanks for the tutorial, I always want to see tutorials on everything that I plan on doing! I think I kind of got the concept with the tutorial, thanks :)

  • A couple of programs that you could use, then bring them into Hitfilm to finish.

  • Thank you PaulHesh for the info, I will look more into those programs and see if they will work for what I am planning on doing!

  • hm yeah, if you don't mind it looking a little cartoony I would definitely recommend using Facerig, especially with the Doge avatar if you have a webcam.  It's a great program.

  • But that only works on a webcam, I am going to have footage of an actual animal, I probably will do what the tutorial above says! The video for that tutorial is pretty funny!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Problem with following Zach King's tutorial.

    First, to do the roto work you'll have to have Mocha Hitfilm, but to do the Stabilizing, you'll have to have Mocha PRO.

    Mocha Hitfilm doesn't have Mocha's Stabilize module.

    Now you can stabilize using Hitfilm's 2-point tracker, but Mocha Pro's is more powerful.

  • Gotcha, Yea I'll have to figure something out, I'll be starting this project, sometime in summer, I just like to get my questions out their so I have a solution before I start, Thank you guys!

  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Smart that you're planning ahead. 


  • Really weird question. 

    I have a project coming up where i'm going to have to make a cow talk.

    I'm wondering if I should try to go CG, practical or something else that I'm not thinking of. 

    any thoughts on the matter are appreciated.

    PS: I'm using  HitFilm3Pro.  

  • @LanceTBrown ; I think a lot of times we see this in use today it's done by morphing the mouth shapes on either a real animal or a CG one.  If you don't have something like Crazy Talk that lets you morph the mouth shapes, I think it would be simplier to just use a CG model and animate the mouth with keyframes.  But that's just a quick take on the situation.

  • Thanks, I hadn't thought of that.

    I also forgot to mention that I have access to real cows so that's not an issue.   

  • @LanceTBrown it is funny that you ask that, since I asked the same question a few months back, so here is the thread where I asked the question, with good discussion!

  • Thanks so much.

  • @LanceTBrown @HIS_Films obviously I merged these threads for easy reference. 

  • @Triem23 Yea I can see that XD

  • @HIS_Films ; When I answered this current thread question, I had completely forgotten the subject had come up in the recent past and I commented to you then.  I was glad to see I didn't contradict myself between answers 

  • @tddavis ha ha, that would be bad :D

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