Using camera histogram to light up green screen

Hi,  I need some advice on how to light a green screen properly... I am also looking at my camera's histogram and how should it look if I have set up my green screen properly?



  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    It's the Waveform monitor that's more useful for this. 

    You want your green screen lit to about 50-60%, so on a Histogram you're looking for the narrowest, tallest spike possible just right-of-center. 

  • I've been using the Green Screener app and getting good results

  • @Triem23 is correct, but if you don't have a waveform monitor, you can use a histogram in a pinch. It's not ideal, however.

    Make sure that your frame includes ONLY and as much of the green screen as possible, and light to make the band at around 50-60% grey to be as narrow as you can get it.

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