Software for copying files from camcorder

Is there any point in using special software to copy files from a camcorder to a computer? I have a consumer-oriented Panasonic HDC-SD60 and have been using the supplied "HD Writer AE 2.6" software to copy files from it. If I forget to delete the files afterwards, record more footage and use the software again, it copies duplicates with '(1)' appended to the filename. Does anyone else use special software for this or does Windows File Explorer suffice? I'd like an option that recognises there are duplicate files and doesn't copy those again.


  • The Panasonic software brings along the .pmpd, .tmb  and.cont  files from the stupid folder arrangement but I'm not convinced those files are actually good for anything.

  •  @THX1139 I may be cutting my own throat here, but I almost always just open the camera in file explorer in Windows and drag the files I want to a folder on the desktop for easy location and then when I am done editing I archive that folder on a external.  With my Sony I am able to copy some random files called modd files or something but I have never needed them and usually delete them anyway.  I see no advantage to special software for this task, but like I say I could be doing it wrong...

  • @tddavis nope sounds good to me.

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