Motion Graphic Presets? Yes please! :^)



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    @Palacono  Actually I've long thought of HitFilm Pro as BEING "Motion for Windows" in the same way that there is a n audio editor called Mixcraft whose name also pops up on lists when you Google "Garageband for Windows." Nothing else for Windows--in terms of an interface--even comes close.

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    I'm just wondering why Palacono hasn't done more of a tutorial video on how how he uses his presets then sent them off to Inscape Digital for the Marketplace. ;-)

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    @Triem23 because I'm waiting for the Super Point (Transport?) Effect (or better) to be implemented first. ;)

    I've said what Effects I used, so people can have a play around easily enough since there are dozens of tutorials on how to do set of a bounce/swing/wobble keyframes.

    E.g. For something that scales up from nothing you can go from 0%  to 130%, 85%, 107%, 96%, 100%, spread over anything from 1/2 a second to 2 seconds using the Shake Effect with all other settings set to 0, (or 1, whatever means:do nothing) and Wrap(s) set to No. Works best with Motion Blur on. :)


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    @Palacono Excuses excuses

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    @Palacono   -- Regarding the presets in the video you linked to:

    1. Is there a download link for these presets?

    2. Did we get something close to this in the new HFP?  Do the new 3D text tools and related effects give us something closer to AE expressions?

    Granted the HFP update was released around the time of year most folks take a break, but I've not found many tutorials on any of the new features.

    The most pressing issue for me is that I can't even bid on jobs that AE users seem to wipe up with ease.  I'm very productive in Hitfilm, but it needs a vector engine and the rest of the MoGraph tools -- it's the look today.

    And I can't produce it in Hitfilm.  

  • @Davlon Nope, nothing like it in Hitfilm Pro. None of the behaviours help in the slightest. Well, perhaps you could have multiple objects following each other onto the screen or something like that?  And maybe clone effect could be useful, but I was hoping that something as basic as a null/point object that could be used for presets would get implemented in the latest version, but it didn't happen.

    So, the best thing to do is make up a couple of basic movements, for bounce, wiggle etc. using the effects I mentioned above and you can then drag them onto your own layers etc. 

    BTW, the one to use for motion is the Spherical Warp Effect. Just turn everything down and/or off and save that as Motion Blank Preset. You can use the centre offset to move things around. It's really easy to set up some keyframes for a graphic to fly on while scaled down slightly, zoom up a little, wiggle about and settle, then fly off after 'n' seconds. Save as a preset and you can drag that onto anything, for logo, lower thirds etc.

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    @Palacono   Okay --

    But who made that video? There are a whole stack of presets visible in the effect pallette.  Are you telling me it was a mockup made in AE to show how it might look in Hitfilm ?

    Joke - no joke?

    Otherwise, if you've made a set of presets -- rough as they may be, would you be able to post them?

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    @Davlon There is a way to cheat the Preset.  @inScapeDigital helped me out with this one.  Transform properties can be saved with the Preset but only for certain effects such as the Particle Simulator.

    Give this a try.  Drag the Particle Sim onto the timeline and then hide it.  Create a text layer and parent that to the Particle Sim.   Go to the transform properties of the particle sim and your text will follow its position.   Set up some keyframes for a move (again the text will follow).

    When you have something you like, right click on the Particle Sim layer and select Create 3D Preset.  Give it a name and select where you want it saved in Presets.  **Most importantly** - check the box at the bottom of the requester that says "Include layer properties".  This will save the keyframes for the motion.

    Once you save your preset, just drag that onto a clean timeline, add a text layer and parent as before.  As long as you hide the Particle Sim layer you get the advantage of its keyframes without having to see the particle effect.

    Should be easy to build a library of motion graphic moves from there.

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    @Stargazer54 that's a great workaround for Pro users. Express users still have to use save/import composite shot, which ain't too shabby. 

  • @Davlon I made the video and no I won't be releasing the presets. Maybe you could add your voice to the wishlist, but I'm done with it. 

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