Disappointed I missed the sale!

I just wanted to vent how disappointed I was in missing the sale by literally 15 minutes. I waited all week for my paycheck, and it deposited just in time yesterday evening.... but my work decided it needed to have me stay late. 


Eventually I'll get to upgrade from my Hitfilm 2, but I'll be patient and wait for another sale that includes assets like this weeks. 




  • Triem23Triem23 Moderator

    Oh, wow, that's such terrible timing! I also missed a sale by 15 minutes this week. Not Hitfilm, but I can understand your frustration. 

  • Sounds like a job for @kirstet maybe, bump.

  • It's OK, they will look after you, email them :)

  • I'd take that with a pinch of salt as Yeremyah has no authority to say any such thing and he's still using the free version, so hasn't even got first hand experience of FXHome undermining their own business model. Sales that go on indefinitely are not sales. ;)

  • I have faith in HitFilm staff looking after genuine and sincere people who want desperately to get their products and support HitFilm, but just missed a sale by minutes.

    I am very confident that a great company like FXHOME would look after that person and make them feel valued and important enough to take care of them.

    So I stand by my comments, as I believe FXHOME is run by entrepreneurs with a long term vision of building up HitFilm, and not run by people who are going out of their way to not look after people who displays signs of wanting to support HitFilm and be loyal to it.

    I am sure they will look after @JuniperRoth if he explains the situation to them, hence, I am confident on my previous comments.


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