No space on my 'C' drive

Hi All:

I am having issues with my 'C' drive. It is continually filling up. The total space is 117 G bites. 

My internal 'D' drive has 1.7 terra bites. 

Here is my question: Am I able to download Hitfilm to 'D'?




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    You can install Hitfilm to your D drive

    Note that, no matter where you install Hitfilm, certain elements are always going to be installed on the C drive. These are libraries and other files that the OS requires on C. However, install to D will put MOST of Hitfilm on D. 

    Something else to think of. Hitfilm creates folders for cache files and proxy files which can get pretty big. Fortunately, if you go into the File>Options Menu and into the Cache and Proxy tabs you can assign custom folders for cache and proxy. 

    I have Hitfilm on my D drive and I created cache/proxy folders on D named "Hitfilm Cache" and "Hitfilm Proxies." I also have multiple versions of Hitfilm installed (Express 4, 2 Ultimate and Pro 3, 4 and 2017), and have each version of Hitfilm pointing to the same cache/proxy folders. 

    If you don't know where the File>Options menu is, this tutorial covers the interface thoroughly, and will show where it is.

  • You ROCK!!!!!


    Now, the reason for the migration to 'D' is because I have no space. I want to delete Hitfilm from 'C'. 

    Is that appropriate?


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