Here is a possible workaround to the program crash issues

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Here is a possible solution to the program crash issues that have been discussed in the forum.  I made a new  user account on my Windows 10 machine (from the Admin account).  Then rebooted the machine.  I logged in as the new user, opened my Hitfilm project and...continued working without a crash. 

 When you first login to the new Win 10 account may I suggest you go into the Settings and turn off all the blue slider buttons that may keep your machine constantly connecting to the web.  

Check all the options under Settings>Privacy

 You may also benefit by removing the live icons in the Start menu that may impact system efficiency or performance.  Any experts on this here?


  • Using a new account is similar fix for Mac users as well. (f problems exist with HF, Motion, AE and FCPX

    @Davlon If you don't mind. I'm new back to the windows environment so excuse my ignorance. Are the settings you are referring to for 100% uptime under Notifications& Actions? 

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    It is my understanding that by turning off the "connected" features in Windows 10 , more computer resources will be available for running programs.

    And since Hitfilm is lately crashing for many of us, we don't want our computers using resources for reasons that don't serve us.

    There are many articles that explain how to do this if you search for "turn off windows 10 default privacy settings" or similar.

  • Um.....ok....thanks

  • Meaning, in Windows 10, Microsoft enabled by default many processes that run in the background.  They're easily disabled.  Google "list of things to turn off in windows 10"

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